Sweater Butterfly Tutorial

A few months ago I stitched a bunch of stuffed owls made from old sweaters. They were made very primitively. The stitches were mostly uneven (on purpose). I liked them, but I figured it would take someone that could appreciate that look to love them. Seems I found several people who appreciated that look. I sold all my owls at a recent craft sale. One customer even asked if I would make a butterfly.

Okay. This is the butterfly I made and the basic tutorial for making your own.

I started out by making the pattern. I folded a standard sheet of card stock in half and sketched half of a butterfly. I cut out the shape through both layers. Once unfolded, the whole shape of the butterfly was revealed. I wanted the butterfly bigger, so I laid the shape on a scrap of wallpaper and traced it an inch larger. I decided the smaller shape would be a nice layer to the top. I made additional patterns for the wing patches and the spots.

I cut two pieces from a sweater for the largest butterfly shape. This is the pillow portion of the butterfly. I whip stitched around the edges using embroidery floss, stuffing it before closing.

I cut the smaller butterfly shape from a contrasting sweater and layered it on top of the pillow. The shape was whip stitched to the pillow.

The patches were then layered on.

Next came the spots.

And finally the buttons.

I decided to add a trim around the middle for dimension.

Raggedy Candy Corn


Raggedy Appliqued Candy Corn

This is my new bowl filler tutorial using scraps of everyday fabrics to create a seasonal decoration. No special holiday fabrics were used.

Last Run Car Show/Craft Show

A few pictures of the show this past weekend. I was still in the process of staging, but the show was opening and I thought I had better take a couple of pictures while I could.

It looks better in person. It’s hard to get a shot of just my stuff without the clutter of background booths. This is a double booth. We almost always have a double booth, unless the booth fees are too pricey. We have a show coming up next weekend that’s a single booth. I’ll have to edit a lot.







Finished Candle Holder and Bench

Have been holding off posting this until the bench was finished.

This is the before of the candle holder screen I picked up for $2.

A little bit of spray paint, seven glass votive holders and tea candles….this is the after.

This is the before of the headboard and foot board.

Here is the after.

Labor Day Weekend Junk Finds

My husband and I stumbled onto a fantastic “yard” sale. It was actually in the parking lot of a liquor store. Our town doesn’t allow liquor sales on Sunday, so the owners of the store waited until Sunday for their yard sale. They had two large storage units they were emptying, so the trucks just kept coming. We went back several times, and there was always something new. A large part of their success was their extremely low prices.




I restyle junk to resell, so this was heaven for me. Many of the things I purchased I wouldn’t exactly call junk finds. They were fine as is,  but I will still add my special touch to them.

One of the items I purchased isn’t in the pictures. It was an above-stove microwave. Ours kicked the bucket about two years ago. This particular appliance is kind of pricey, so it wasn’t in our budget to replace right away. The microwave I found at the sale was $15. That isn’t a typo. It was $15! SOLD!!! WooHoo!!

Check out the pink shelf. It also has a hanger on the bottom for a quilt. Adorable! $2
This wire angel was $1. It stands about three feet tall.

This iron candle holder was $2. This one will require effortless transformation. I plan to paint it a shabby chic white and add glass tea light holders.

My husband and I make benches from headboards and foot boards. This set was $2. I know, right? I absolutely could not pass them up.

The metal reindeer and sleigh will also require minimal transformation. I’m thinking shabby chic white (yes, I love that style), a pine wreath around the deer’s neck and a wreath on the sleigh. I will probably top them off with bows. Too cute!

These urns/pots/vases are as beautiful in person as they are in photos. They were 50-75 cents a piece. The metal is very heavy. I love the colors of them. I am not sure what I will do with them as a transformation. They are perfect already.

This $2 cabinet and $1 shelf may be difficult to part with. I want them. Hmmm…we’ll see.

I bought this box to use with a special order for a bride-to-be. The bride had given me a smaller paper mache box to make a card box. I have been waffling on how I wanted to do it. My sticking point was the box she gave me just didn’t seem big enough to insert several cards. There didn’t seem to be enough angle and drop. I am going to make the card box two-tiered with a hole between the tiers, so the cards will drop into the larger bottom box. I love it when I can marry my finds with projects in progress!

This angel is so cute. ($1) It’s a wire similar to chicken wire. I love it, but it practically disappeared in the photo.

This bench is about three feet long. Just needs the screws tightened. It was $3.