Craft Halloween Salt Dough Candy Corn

Candy corn is a staple for Halloween and fall. I not only love to eat them, but I also enjoy crafting fun items that depict their fun character. Mix up a batch of salt dough and make candy corn pins for children’s party favors, or decorate your home with candy corn ornie bowl fillers or magnets.

This is an easy Halloween kitchen craft that can be done with the kids.

You can find my tutorial here.

Paint a Halloween Folding Chair for Fall Decorating

Spruce up your front yard, porch or entryway with a trash to treasure Halloween project that will look nothing like the plastic decorations you buy in the store.

Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive. Dig through your dusty garage treasures for inspiration.

This Halloween chair was basically made with a can of spray paint and a Halloween stencil.

You can find my tutorial here.

Stencil a Halloween Pillow

Ooooh!! Only 10 days remaining until Halloween. Do you need a Halloween craft quickie?

Store-bought Halloween decorations are much easier to purchase than they are to make, but your choices are usually mass-produced, brightly colored and/or plastic. Add a little sophistication to your fall decor by making your own.

This stenciled pillow can be finished in less than an hour, not including the drying time of the paint.

You can find my tutorial here.

Pumpkin Painted Fence

Spook the goblins with an old weathered pumpkin.

The tutorial can be found here.

Recycle an Old Fence Section into a Primitive Yard Jack O’Lantern

Halloween Witch Hat Ornies

Make Witch Hat Primitive Halloween Ornies.

Halloween decorations made from old wool suits.

My tutorial can be found here.

Make Witch Hat Primitive Halloween Ornies from Recycled Wool Clothing