Cross Country, a Cold and Pumpkins…Oh MY!

There are times when I feel my life is pretty unexciting, predictable and routine, but when you have kids you have to be flexible and ready to zig when they zag. That’s what the last couple of weeks have been like. Actually the first week was like that…the last week has been spent recovering.

My son qualified for the State cross country meet to be held in Lawrence, Kansas. School events, prep for the trip and everyday commitments kept us hopping. My husband and I also traveled to Lawrence to watch him compete. It was cold and windy, but the sun was shining and the kids were smiling. We had a great time, but I brought home a coughing-snuffling-cold. I’ve been catching up all week as I recover.

While in Lawrence, my husband and I stopped at a garden store that caught our eye. It could have been the sign out front that said all pumpkins 99 cents, after all, it was only a few days before Halloween, but we also wanted to check out how they displayed things. My husband and sons work for a local garden and landscaping store, and it is also my brick and mortar location for selling my local crafts.

The owners of the Lawrence store were very hospitable and gave me the go ahead to take pictures of anything I wanted.

This display is a wood fence that stood away from the wall. We were told they stored things behind it. It was a fabulous backdrop for displaying Christmas wreaths and garlands.

I absolutely loved the charm and the magnificence of it.

They were in the process of decorating their whole store for Christmas, so the displays were not all finished. These trees have twinkle lights. Don’t ya just love how they chose to twinkle at the very moment I snapped the picture?

Outside they had an arbor built with straw bales. People were standing under the arbor for pictures. I chose to just take a picture of the arbor. We were too windblown from the day at the meet. I wouldn’t want to scare you with that.

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