Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Crafting With Cookies

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I’ve been busy baking pies. I also make Turkey Cookies for the kids (and adults) to munch on. The cookies are not my original idea. I have made them for years and can’t remember where I got the idea.

My finished tray of Turkey Cookies.

The supplies.

They are super simple to make. The front row in the pic is the different steps from right to left.

The “glue” is store-bought chocolate frosting. Apply frosting to one edge of a chocolate sandwich cookie. Stand a striped cookie against the sandwich cookie and press against the frosting.

Apply frosting to the bottom of a chocolate bell candy and press it to the top of the sandwich cookie. I have also used chocolate covered cherries for this.

Apply frosting to one side of a candy corn and press it to the front of the chocolate candy. You can see I am not real careful with my “glue” Hey, it’s chocolate! It’s all good!

And he’s done!

This whole tray took less than 20 minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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