French Country Stool

Another “Do You Remember”.

These chairs were posted in “Just Junking” in June. Check out the one in the middle with the broken seat.

A little reconstruction and I had a completely different piece.


French Country Stool

Hope it inspires.


Decoupaged Lunchbox Desk Organizer

Do you remember these? I posted this “junk find” this last summer. Life moved on and more junk finds were piled on top. Recently they were unearthed again. I decided to make a decoupaged desk organizer with one of them.

Click on the title for the tutorial.

Decoupaged Lunchbox Desk Organizer

Valentine’s Day Tutorials

These are a few of my latest tutorials. If you need a quick and easy idea for Valentine’s Day, you just might find it here. Click on the title to take you to the tutorial.

Primitive Heart Door Hanger

Faux Fur Valentine Pillow Stack

Glittered Valentine’s Day Bowl Fillers

Gumption and Moxie

Do you start your new year off with resolutions? If you do, are they specific? Do you keep them? I’ve never been good with resolutions, but I do have lots of goals.

2011 was full of ups and downs. Many of the “downs” were unavoidable, but most of the “ups” were because I put myself out there. With the “ups” in mind, I decided to pick inspirational words for 2012. Words that will push me forward toward success.

My words are…gumption andmoxie!

Gumption-Shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.

Moxie-Force of character, determination, or nerve.

Such simple words. Old-fashioned words. Down-to-earth words. Words that say I can achieve it if I just do it! Words that says I WILL put myself out there. Words that say I WILL succeed because I tried. Words with guts!

I have been a member of a very supportive writing forum for several years. We help each other with goals, questions and solutions. We offer support. We discuss all genres of writing, but also good and bad things that are happening in our personal lives. We are a family. Most of us have never met each other in real life, although some have been able to make a face-to-face connection. It doesn’t matter. We are all united by our creative souls. These people have gumptionand moxie!And they aren’t afraid to share it, inspire it or cheer you on because you have it too.

So, gumption and moxieare my inspirational words for 2012. “Gitter done” words that won’t let rejection hold me back or stop my plans.