A Stranger Gave Me A House-Part 2

We began our first day of salvaging this last Sunday. We were pressed for time (life’s other responsibilities got in the way), so we actually only had about an hour. We spent that time “picking”.

Along with Mary, we worked on the front room of the house. I really enjoyed her knowledge on the personal history of some of the items we unearthed. We sure stirred up the dust, so I didn’t take any pictures at the house, but I did get a few shots of our treasures when we got home.

My packing job. This is a tight shot of the back of my vehicle.

The chairs are pretty rough. That’s okay! The spindles may become Uncle Sams, snowmen or bunnies, and the chairs may end up as planters, decor for a garden or a cute little vignette at the back door.

These cupboard doors were in the house, but they were actually from another house. Some were too terribly damaged to save, but I thought these had possibilities for crafting.

The jars! Yes, the jars! They are fabulous! Mary had already “picked” a boxful before we got there. She was pleasantly surprised to find so many that were empty.

Hmm….what will I do with them? There are tons of great ideas from last weekend’s link party on Funky Junk Interiors. I definitely won’t be lacking for inspiration.

The only thing we actually took “off” the house was this simple rack that was on the wall. Hubby dutifully got the crowbar and pried it off.

I mean, look at it! The naturally crackled paint! The rusty hooks! I’m in heaven!

This is the desk(?) I mentioned in my first house post. As we look at it now, we aren’t sure it’s a desk. It still has an arm attached to the back that may have once held a mirror. The drawers need a little work. One of them had a nice fuzzy nest in the drawer. The ends of the legs have some damage, but since the “desk” is tall, we’re just going to shorten the legs which will remove the damage. We think it will make a great potting bench.

A few odds and ends.

And a few more.

And more.

When we unpacked, we realized we had a problem. Where are we going to put all of our treasures? We managed to poke this load here and there, but we need a more central location so that things do not get lost or forgotten. Unfortunately, we will need to take a few weeks to clean out our barn. That’s good and that’s bad. I’ve been hinting about the mess in the barn for years, so now it will finally be taken care of. We just need to fit this extra chore in between everything else. Piece of cake! 😉

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