Wall Shelf-Restyled

After my last painting project, I decided I needed something easy-peasey.

I had picked this shelf up at a yard sale last summer. Not terrible, but I could tell it was one of those items that was purchased in a box, and put together with those funky screws that click into something when you turn them ‘just so’. I don’t like the screw heads. They are big and annoyingly obvious. Camouflaging them is what I was going for…Not sure if I succeeded, but I like the way it turned out anyway.

I painted the shelf using a light green paint I had on hand. I them sanded all the sharp edges to give it a worn look.

It wasn’t quite there yet. Finally, I randomly dry brushed a light touch of white paint to the outside of the shelf. Sanding the entire surface blended it all together.

All done! And I didn’t spill a thing! 😉

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