Windows, Paint and a Cricut…Oh My!

I’ve been working on these windows for longer than I want to admit.

They both had decaying issues on one edge.

Most people probably would have tossed them, but I have had them since they were removed from an old barn/garage.

That was about 20 years ago. The garage was torn down and replaced with a newer garage, but I couldn’t throw out these windows.

In their rustic glory, they were hung in a grouping on a wall in my bedroom. There are actually three, but the third one is missing a pane or two. I’m sure I will do something with it eventually.

Just winging it, I covered the decaying parts of the frames with thick glue. After it soaked in and dried, I repeated the process a couple more times. It felt pretty solid! I painted each window with three layers of a base coat, a layer of crackle medium and one top coat. These windows are definitely not going to fall apart now.

I positioned the windows so the funky edges were at the bottom. I wanted the hanger wire on an edge that was solid. That’s where I stalled out for several weeks. I’ve painted and decorated windows before, but these windows had six panes that made creating a design somewhat challenging.

I finally settled on a simple sign quote thanks to Kammy’s Korner. While perusing her stenciled projects, I fell in love with the hymn title “It Is Well With My Soul”. Perfect! One word for each pane!

I didn’t stencil it…I “Cricutted” (I’m sure that’s a word) it. I used my Cricut to cut the letters from wallpaper scraps and simply decoupaged them on. I finished the windows with a rusty metal heart glued on a corner.

I love how they turned out!

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