Tobacco Can Uncle Sam

Last-minute 4th of July project. Great way to recycle those sturdy tobacco cans. Once finished you can’t even tell that’s what it’s made of.

You can find my tutorial here.

Tobacco Can Uncle Sam

Shabby Chic Boxes

Another round of gathering treasure from the barn. Yay, me!

I’m not sure how long these boxes had been in the barn, but they looked like brand-new, unfinished wood boxes from Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s. They were just too cute to leave hidden in the barn.

I also found these two boxes.  They were definitely on the other end of the workmanship scale. They were handmade by somebody. Probably as basic organization for a garage or workshop. Although they were basically rough in appearance, the construction wasn’t bad.

I had a bag of brass doohickey embellishments in my craft stash. I figured they would be perfect for adding a little dimension to these plain boxes.

I thought the “frilly” doohickeys were a bit much for these homemade boxes, so I chose basic keyhole plates.

Everything got a couple coats of the butter yellow paint that I’ve had showing up in a lot of my projects lately. Can’t help it. I just love the soft look of it.

A little sanding…then a wash of watered down gesso.

That’s it!

Sometimes simple is best.

Yay, Me! I was featured!
20 DIY Organizing Projects


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Shotgun Shell Firecrackers

Because of feeling icky this week AND my desire to find projects that can easily be completed while sitting, I decided to make shotgun shell firecrackers, a craft for the Fourth of July.

Why are they called shotgun shell firecrackers? Because they are made from the empty shells that my redneck son and his friends gifted me with after target practice, hunting…whatever it is they do…

I used two different shell sizes for these firecrackers–12 and 20 gauge. They each have slightly different diameters and heights. I’m not sure of other shells, but the instructions I’ll give for these can be adjusted for other sizes.

Since I was going to make a lot of them at one time, I cut out and prepared all my pieces so that I could assemble without stopping and hunting down more supplies.

First, I filled all the shells with stuffing. The only purpose the stuffing is used for is to fill up the shell and create a stage at the top to set the “fuse” on. You don’t have to use Polyfil. Yarn, shredded paper or some other scrap something or other can be used. It won’t show.

I cut out 3-inch squares of fabric to wrap around the shells. I applied glue to the plastic tube of the shell, starting just above the metal on the base. I then wrapped a fabric square around the tube. You will have a bit of fabric extending from the top. You want it to do that.

I ripped 1-inch wide strips of blue fabric to tie around the shells.

The ends were trimmed and I glued a 1-inch star over the knot.

The fabric extending from the top of the shells was cut down so that approximately a 1/2-inch was extending.

The fuses are 1-inch long pieces of rusty baling wire. I applied a dot of glue to the top of the stuffing and placed one end of a fuse in the glue.

Using crochet thread and an embroidery needle, I sewed a running stitch around the top of the fabric and gathered the tube closed around the fuse.

As an added touch, I inserted this little flag pic under the tie around one of the firecrackers. I kinda like it, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to put the flags in all of them or just some. What do you think? Does it make them look too busy?

These ornies look cute as a bunch in a bowl, or they can stand on their own. You could also add a hanger if you wanted to display them from a hook or a Christmas in July tree display.

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Book Page Table Runner Tutorial

Another quick and easy project. This was made with regular old book pages, but I’m thinking sheet music would also make a cool runner/scarf for the top of a piano.

Book Page Table Runner

The tutorial can be found here.

License Plate Dragonfly

I have the crud this week, so I have been working on projects that I can do while sitting. Quick projects that allow me to take lots and lots of rest breaks. This is one of those great projects. And, it only took 30 minutes to complete. Great for your own yard, craft shows or gifts.

License Plate Dragonfly

The tutorial can be found here.