Jute Web Heart Pocket


Jute Web Heart Pocket

Don’t ya just love this stuff? I don’t think I have ever used it for its intended use, but when I find it during my junking journeys I just can’t pass it up.

For each heart side I cut two 7-inch long strips of the webbing. Why 7 inches? Glad you asked. I’m not sure if all webbing is created equal, so I doubled the width. This measurement will provide hearts as wide as they are tall. One end of each strip was rounded to shape the heart bumps.


Two strips were stitched together in an “L” shape for each heart side. My sewing machine makes loud squawking noses and beeps obnoxiously when I try to sew through thick or hard things. To eliminate the drama this causes, setting my machine to sew long straight stitches seemed to do the trick.

The two sides of the heart were layered together. A piece of old trim was inserted between the edges to create the handle, then I stitched around the sides. I left the top open.


I dug through my button collection and found two buttons to stitch to the pocket where the ends of the handles were stitched.


Fill it with a small bouquet of flowers, yummy chocolates, or something small and shiny for Valentine’s Day, or use it anytime of the year as an accent decoration. I’m considering making some with a heart or words stamped to the front, but for now I like the simple look.



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Royalty In The Family!

While this post isn’t about a DIY or craft project, I think you all will understand if I take a moment to brag on my last born.

Friday night my youngest son was crowned king of the 2013 Winter Homecoming for Winfield High School. God didn’t give me the recipe for making girls, so I try to grab the “dress-up” photo ops where I can. Speaking of girls…I am sure all of the queen candidates had their outfits all planned and laid out last week. My son waited until 9:30 the night before to get it together. Oh the drama! The tie and pants he wanted to wear were missing in action. He does have a lot of activities that he’s involved in, but when he’s not at home, how hard could it be to put clothes he‘s changed out of in his car? Sheesh!

Before I get going I need to explain why some of the photos look pretty bad. Friday afternoon was an assembly where the candidates were basically put on display before final judging. This was done in an auditorium. I managed to get a few photos of the event before my camera went bonkers. The flash actually popped. It was startling loud. Have any of you had this happen? It couldn’t have come at a worse time.Thankfully my peeps have been helping me out with photos they took. Some of these photos are my make-do photos, some were generously shared and some I scraped. (Shh)

King and Queen-Congratulations Colby Kromminga and Celina Banks

The king and queen were crowned Friday evening during a break in the boys varsity basketball game.

13-Savannah and Colby-Homecoming

Thanks to his date, I scraped a pic of them off Facebook from before the dance. Savannah Dennett was Colby’s dance date. Wow, he sure had a lot of girls on his arm that day.

The “Big City, Bright Lights” homecoming dance followed the basketball game until midnight.

12-2012 Winter Homecoming Candidates

The royal court of candidates. This photo was taken last week.

The candidates were, from left, Alessandra Bevilacqua, Ryan Minton, Celina Banks, Miguel Mercado Terres, Lauren Kohpay, Joe Mackey, Stevie Guffey, Colby Kromminga, Jessica Butler and Travis Allender.

He looks like he has a secret.


Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to do my work without a flash. :( Pray for sunny weather.

Have a great week!