Stoop Chair Story

7-DSCN6770Stoop Chair

1-DSCN6688While cleaning the barn I found a project that I never finished. That never happens (cough). 😉 This scary chair was actually one of a pair. Years ago I found them in a ditch on a country road. By themselves, neither one was any good, but I loaded them up and took them home because I figured what was good on one could repair what was bad on the other.

I never had intentions of reupholstering (shudder), who knew what they would smell like inside a house…and let’s be honest, the padding looked like a critter house.

3-DSCN6750Where was I when I gave up working on them years ago? I had completely stripped one chair. Goodness! Staples and nails were everywhere. That’s probaby why I gave up. I can vaguely remember numerous cuts and scratched knuckles.

Once I unearthed them again, I had to make a decision. Toss them or figure out what their purpose was to be.

The stripped chair had cracked and split back legs. That seemed to be its worst structural issue.

2-DSCN6690The other chair had good back legs.

No problem. I would remove the good back legs on one chair and reattach them to the other chair. Yep, I knew that sounded way too simple…I could not find a joint/seam at the top of the legs. Looking closer at the chair that had already been stripped, I realized each leg was actually one piece that extended upward and framed the chair back.

4-DSCN6751I got out the saws and cut them off. Even that simple step had numerous issues, but I won’t bore you with all of them. Regardless, I was determined to make my idea work.

6-DSCN6758On with the show! The easiest and most instantly gratifying step. I cut pallet boards to fit across the back and seat frame. They were each attached with a nail gun. This took less than half an hour. Whew! After the previous ordeals I was psyched.

7-DSCN6770Dry brushing the entire thing completed my rustic stoop chair.


Restyling the Front Stoop

12-DSCN6787Restyling the Front Stoop

Well, I should probably just say “styling” as I have never styled it before. Gasp!

Let me explain.

09-DSCN6777My house was built in 1907. Things have evolved a lot since then.  There is not parking or a driveway in front of the house, but we can still see faint evidence that a driveway may have been there in the past. The front faces the road, but is hidden from view by trees. The driveway that is here now comes off the road, winds through the barns and ends up at the back of the house. Absolutely everybody comes to our backdoor. There really isn’t anything that hints where the front door is.

Sooo…for years we haven’t given it much thought…until now. I decided it needed a little sprucing up. It just looked lonely and sad.

06-DSCN6769The area is secluded, but the size of the stoop has always stumped me. It’s so small. Finally I came up with an idea that would expand beyond the stoop. Since it would be a good place to curl up with a book, I worked a chair into the design. I’ll have more on this chair in a later post.

05-DSCN6767But if there is a chair, it really needs a table to set a drink on. This is one of my tables that I just covered with wood and dry brushed.

01-DSCN6753The table frame was picked up at a yard sale.

02-DSCN6761I covered the top with pallet wood…

05-DSCN6767…then dry brushed.

08-DSCN6774The ugly pole on the side of the house had to stay. (See before picture.) It is my satellite wifi connection. I built the ladder around the “eye” that picks up the signal from the coop down the road.

03-DSCN6763A simple project with pallet wood…

…and dry brushed.

04-DSCN6765But the stoop was still bare so I dry brushed a plant pot and stand that had been gathering dust and taking up space in the garage.

07-DSCN6771The flowers are just something I grabbed to finish the setting, but I’m thinking fall mums will be perfect in about a month or so.

15-DSCN6790Lastly, I repainted the door frame and added a simple wreath made from bed springs.


17-DSCN6792I think this little lady approves.


The Quarter Buffet

4-DSCN6783The Quarter Buffet

Just had to share my accomplishment after struggling for 2+ hours.

This is the quarter buffet. My dad bought it at a yard sale or auction when I was a little girl. He paid a quarter for it. When I got married, my parents gave it to me.

A few days ago we finally sold our player piano and I can’t believe how much bigger the room looks now. I had been storing piano rolls in the bottom of the buffet, but now I have extra storage space.

When I packed the rolls, I noticed there was something wrong with the bottom cupboard in the buffet. I was in a rush, so I didn’t give it much more thought than I figured I could tap in a few nails later on and it would be good as new.

Noooooo!!!! It was not going to be that easy. The entire bottom of the buffet was falling off.

I had to take everything out, lay it on its back and reattach everything. I know I should have glued, clamped and taken my time with it, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted it done. I used wood screws and nails.

2-DSCN6781Unfortunately I didn’t get any before pics. Trust me, it was scary. Just moving it to lay it down had me wondering if it would all crumble.


Rats!!! New Bowl Fillers


Wow! Where has the summer gone? When the summer comes to an end I am usually knee deep in fall projects. While I am working on new projects, there doesn’t seem to be as many things finished as I like for this time of year. Since I just finished cleaning out the barn and got my youngest moved to college, I’ve decided to be happy with the things I have accomplished.

Inspiration for my rats came from a little adventure in the garage. While cleaning the barn I didn’t see one actual rat. I became rather adjusted to that fact. Then one of my sons saw a rat in the garage. Hmm…well, I do live in the country…Regardless, it is no longer there. Whew!!!

The rat was still on my mind when I grabbed my design book and started doodling. I haven’t worked up a tutorial yet, but I couldn’t wait to show off these creepy little critters. The tutorial will be coming soon.

3-DSCN6740The body is really just a cone I made with black fabric.

2-DSCN6736I stuffed the body and added a long tail. Check out that tail.

5-DSCN6745It came from this spool! I placed a ruler next to the spool so you could appreciate its size. I picked up this gargantuan spool of cording at a yard sale for less than a dollar. It looks like it will never run out!

4-DSCN6743The ears were a couple of ovals I cut from the same fabric as the body. I stitched around the edges to prevent too much fraying, but to still look primitive.

1-DSCN6733French knot eyes and whiskers finished it off.


Finished the Barn

09-DSCN6729Finished The Barn

01-DSCN6721Oh, yes I did!

23-DSCN6657Let me refresh your memory to where I began.

21-DSCN6655It was a bit overwhelming, but since I posted the pics here, it served as a personal accountability to gitter done.

07-DSCN6727I worked days and days that were hot and humid, plus days and days that were rainy, hot and just plain yucky. Every night when I took my shower the mud just rolled off of me. Ugh!

05-DSCN6725I lucked out and saw no actual critters except a small lizard. Neither one of us was too thrilled to see the other, but we made a promise to leave each other alone. Worked for me.

02-DSCN6722Check out that door. So cool! It leads into the enclosed part of the barn where I keep smaller craft supplies and some furniture. That door hasn’t been open for several years. I’ve had to use the roll up door to access that part of the barn.

06-DSCN6726We made decks on pallets along one side and the back wall. Perfect for organizing the things I wanted to keep.

08-DSCN6728The doors, screens, headboards and lumber all have their designated spots. I can’t believe how many headboards I have. Sheesh! Can you say “hoarder”?

I had to toss a bunch of stuff that wasn’t any good. Since we live in the country we were able to burn in between downpours.

10-DSCN6730Lots of nails, screws and wire are all over the “floor”. I’m still working on getting those all picked up. We borrowed a cool magnet on wheels that works like a charm.

When I’m sure I won’t get a flat, my craft trailer I use for craft shows will be pulled inside.