Headboard Peg Rack

6-DSCN6918Headboard Peg Rack

06-DSCN6866This is the headboard I had left from my swing bench. You may remember that I removed the legs and sides to use as the legs on the bench. You know me, I couldn’t toss the leftovers. I just knew it had more possibilities.

1-DSCN6894I cut pieces of scrap wood to cap the sides where the legs were removed. The back edges of the boards are flush with the headboard. That way the whole thing will lay flat against the wall.

3-DSCN6913The reconstructed headboard got a creamy, off-white makeover, then I sanded it. What can I say???…I love me some shabby chic.

2-DSCN6897I found these pegs in two different sizes.

4-DSCN6916Holes were centered and drilled above each spindle on the top using the smallest pegs, then I centered and drilled holes between each spindle on the bottom for the larger pegs.

5-DSCN6922The pegs got a paint job and were also lightly sanded, then they were glued into each drilled hole.


The foot board left over from the bench fell apart, but I still have plans for those pieces. Stay tuned. 😉

Swing Bench

10-DSCN6886Swing Bench

04-DSCN6447Another treasure from the barn. It’s so nice to be able to find things now that the barn has been cleaned. 😉

Even though I have had this swing for a bit, I still remember acquiring it. It was a freebie at a yard sale. It was late in the day and the owners were sooo done. Yes, it was rough, but it had great bones.

The chain was attached with bolts that I COULD NOT loosen. Meh. I borrowed bolt cutters and they did the trick. :)

09-DSCN6876I used a wire brush and sander on the swing to remove the peeling varnish and to smooth out the worst of the rough weathered surface. I had some leftover blue/green/gray paint I had mixed together for my screen door potting bench. It seemed like the perfect color for this bench. I have since sold the potting bench, but who knows, the buyer (Hey, Nancy..) may want a matching set.

The legs were a quandary. I had originally thought 4x4s would work wonderfully until I auditioned them with the bench. Ugh! They were not a good match. It kinda looked like wearing clunky work boots with a sun dress…not that I would know anything about that. 😉

05-DSCN6863Remember all the headboards I found that I had been hoarding when I cleaned the barn? As I was looking around the barn for leg possibilities, a headboard, foot board set caught my eye. I loved the turnings on the legs, so I cut them off.

07-DSCN6868I trimmed them to bench height…

…and painted them the same color as the bench…

…and then attached them. Touching up the screw heads with paint took seconds.

That’s my biggie tip for this project. Painting the legs before attaching them saves you from awkward painting positions, and you’re able to reach all the crevices with ease.

2-DSCN6873I also found a pair of old chair arms in the barn.

13-DSCN6891I used them as a practical solution to cover up the chain holes in the swing, but I also thought they added a touch of whimsy.

12-DSCN6890Just like the potting bench, I dry brushed white paint over the entire surface.

06-DSCN6866By the way, I did not throw away the leftover portion of the headboard. Something is already in the works that I hope to show you soon.


Porch Sitters for Fall

7-DSCN6859Porch Sitters for Fall

1-DSCN6840It’s that time of year again when anything that can be painted orange is fair game. These junk finds were my latest victims.

2-DSCN6845I had to do a little bit of work on the seat of one of the chairs. Water damage had caused the top layers to loosen and peel. Once I removed all the layers, I was left with a hole in the center. Not a problem…

3-DSCN6846…I cut a few scraps of pallet wood and covered it up.

4-DSCN6848I painted the chairs a little heavier than dry brushing. I guess you could call it rough brushing. I like to use it on projects that I want to look old, primitive and weathered. I kinda scrub the bristles over surfaces and in crevices and tight spots. My brush looks terrible, but I like to think of it as well-seasoned. My husband keeps trying to throw it away, but he just doesn’t realize its potential. Hands off, Honey!

5-DSCN6851My Cricut was used to make the stencil. I use card stock. It’s usually good for quite a few stenciling jobs.

6-DSCN6857Stenciled greeting.

7-DSCN6859Leaf garland completed these festive fall porch sitters.


Dresser to Bench (and BIG news)

11-DSCN6833Dresser to Bench

04-DSCN6000This dresser has a lot of nostalgia attached to it. It belonged to my parents for as long as I can remember. It held Daddy’s treasures from his Navy cruises and Mama’s jewelry, plus other things that my siblings and I probably were not supposed to see.

Years after us kids left home, the dresser was replaced and it was forgotten in not-so-good storage. Water and drastic hot and cold weather conditions caused a lot of exterior deterioration. When my mom moved from the farm, the dresser was headed to the burn pile. Junker that I am, I couldn’t do it. I was sure it still had life in it, so it went to live in our barn for a bit. Everyone thought I was nuts.

A few years later my oldest son moved back home for a few months. Since he didn’t have a dresser, we made do with grandma and grandpa’s old dresser. When he moved out again, another son started using it. Finally it went back to the barn. We’ve had two yard sales since then, but I refused to add it to the sales. Quite frankly, I didn’t think it would sell in its sad state anyway. That was okay because I had a plan for it.

05-DSCN6808I removed the drawers…

06-DSCN6810…and popped off the top. The drawers were all different heights, but the top of the bottom drawer was the perfect height for a seat. I removed all of the front rungs except for the rung above the bottom drawer. I also pulled off all of the peeling veneer. As the project evolved I realized I really didn’t need to do that.

07-DSCN6813I created the seat with pallet boards. Surprisingly the dresser had good strong bones, so I attached them right to the drawer braces on the inside.The back and sides on the inside of the dresser got the same treatment.

08-DSCN6817Pallet boards were also used to cap the top of the sides and back. I also capped each front side. I had some old trim that I cut and added along the top and bottom of the bench on the inside.

12-DSCN6834I thought I would be able to keep the drawer on the bottom, but on closer inspection I realized it wasn’t going to cut it. I removed it and added a shelf.

10-DSCN6832The whole piece was dry brushed with a buckskin colored paint.

13-DSCN6839I cut old galvanized roofing to cover the sides and back on the outside of the bench. One side of each panel was in pretty good shape, but I loved the rustic look of the rust. I embraced the rust.They were clear-coated and centered on each side.

09-DSCN6831Now that’s a transformation. I think it would be a perfect addition to a mudroom, don’t you?

Now, on to the BIG news. We are selling our house. The kids are getting older, and my husband and I are not getting any younger. We don’t need all of the land. We are hoping to move to a house in town that has as much or more storage options, with less property to mow and maintain. More storage options? Well, since I will be losing my barns, I will need some place to store my junking treasures. 😉


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