Headboard Peg Rack

6-DSCN6918Headboard Peg Rack

06-DSCN6866This is the headboard I had left from my swing bench. You may remember that I removed the legs and sides to use as the legs on the bench. You know me, I couldn’t toss the leftovers. I just knew it had more possibilities.

1-DSCN6894I cut pieces of scrap wood to cap the sides where the legs were removed. The back edges of the boards are flush with the headboard. That way the whole thing will lay flat against the wall.

3-DSCN6913The reconstructed headboard got a creamy, off-white makeover, then I sanded it. What can I say???…I love me some shabby chic.

2-DSCN6897I found these pegs in two different sizes.

4-DSCN6916Holes were centered and drilled above each spindle on the top using the smallest pegs, then I centered and drilled holes between each spindle on the bottom for the larger pegs.

5-DSCN6922The pegs got a paint job and were also lightly sanded, then they were glued into each drilled hole.


The foot board left over from the bench fell apart, but I still have plans for those pieces. Stay tuned. 😉