Painted Fabric Prim Pumpkins

Fabric Painted Pumpkin 6Painted Fabric Prim Pumpkins

These frugal pumpkins showed up in my projects for fall craft shows so I thought I would post about how frugal they really were to make.

Fabric Painted Pumpkin 1I was looking for “fall-ish” type fabric to create some new pumpkins designs. Fall color or especially fabric with orange in it was my wish. Unfortunately I had nothing. I did, however, have an old fabric that had been on the shelf for quite some time. It just sat there. I was not a fan.

Light bulb moment! I decided to paint it. You will never look at ugly fabric the same way.

Fabric Painted Pumpkin 7A few years ago I bought a gallon of flat orange paint. I use it for everything…fall-ish. It is now within an inch of the bottom, so a new can will probably need to be purchased by next year.

I placed an old recycled vinyl tablecloth (the cheap ones for holidays) on the floor for my drop cloth.

The fabric went on top of the tablecloth and I painted two coats over the surface.

Tip: If you do this, allow the paint to dry well between coats.

Fabric Painted Pumpkin 3Once the paint was dry I was able to use the painted fabric just like regular fabric.

Check out my full tutorial on FaveCrafts.

Pumpkin Stand Photography Prop

2-DSCN7079Pumpkin Stand

1-DSCN7077The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 😉 Casey’s latest project. Yes, I’m allowed to be a proud momma!

Pumpkin Stand 1A friend of ours is a photographer and she’s getting ready for fall minis.

Pumpkin Stand 2It’s A-Z Photography. Check out Alyssa’s adorable pics. She also took Colby’s senior pics and they were fantastic.

3-DSCN7086She was getting ready to advertise the new fall setting, so she needed pics. Since they set it up in the pasture I tagged along to get my own pics of the finished masterpiece.

4-DSCN7093Alyssa has three young brothers that were her models. I am not a people photographer, but I just had to get a few shots of actual people posing in the display. Boy, kids move a lot!

6-pumpkin standI love the display, but hmm…I think I was showing my age when I said it reminded me of Peanuts. I got blank stares and a “huh?”…:0…


Denim Country Pumpkins

10-DSCN6984Denim Country Pumpkins

Jean Pumpkin 6Need another idea for those old blue jeans? Use the legs to make pumpkins.

Jean Pumpkin 3Hand sewing (gathering) the openings closed and wrapping the spines is as close to a needle as you will get. A sewing machine is not required.

Jean Pumpkin 1These pumpkins were made from my teenage son’s castoffs. The legs were wide, making nice plump pumpkins. The instructions can be altered to work with the jeans you have on hand.

Jean Pumpkin 7What instructions? My tutorial for the Denim Country Pumpkins can be found on FaveCrafts.


Witchy Wisdom

6-DSCN6974Witchy Wisdom

8-DSCN6977I only made two of these, but I should have made more.

7-DSCN6975They practically “flew” out of my craft booth this past weekend.

1-DSCN6931The motivation for this project came from the desire to use these old wooden chair seats.

2-DSCN6947I gave them a coat of orange paint…and then…I just stared at them for a while…Finally inspiration hit!

4-DSCN6968I made a stencil using my Cricut, painted it on…

5-DSCN6973…and attached a small broom that I made using a stalk of bamboo and raffia.

A bit of rusty baling wire for the hanger and they were done.


End Table/Coffee Table Shabby Chic Transformations

5-DSCN6964Shabby Chic End Table

1-DSCN6935This end table is similar to one I did a few months ago. Made from a portion of an old vanity, this one had only one drawer.

2-DSCN6940Unlike the other one, I didn’t need to add a backing to the top edge. I did, however, need to replace the side panels. They were just too warped to save. I used the drawer bottoms from a couple of drawers I didn’t need for my dresser/bench project.

3-DSCN6957The paint used was the same as the headboard peg rack.

5-DSCN6964It also got the same shabby chic sanding technique.

4-DSCN6960There wasn’t a handle, and finding one with matching screw holes proved fruitless. I went with a larger handle that had a back plate that would cover the old screw holes.

9-DSCN7001Shabby Chic Coffee Table

DeskThe coffee table was crafted from what I believe to be an old desk. It was rather tall, so I’m not a hundred percent sure of that.

6-DSCN6989The legs were shortened and everything was tightened up.

The only thing good about the drawers was their fronts, so I removed the box part of the drawers.

7-DSCN6994The paint treatment was the same as the end table and the peg rack…

8-DSCN6997…as well as the shabby chic sanding technique.

I then permanently attached the drawers to the drawer slots.

I had each piece priced separately at last weekend’s craft show, but a customer bought all three as a set. Score!

The entire show was a complete success.