End Table/Coffee Table Shabby Chic Transformations

5-DSCN6964Shabby Chic End Table

1-DSCN6935This end table is similar to one I did a few months ago. Made from a portion of an old vanity, this one had only one drawer.

2-DSCN6940Unlike the other one, I didn’t need to add a backing to the top edge. I did, however, need to replace the side panels. They were just too warped to save. I used the drawer bottoms from a couple of drawers I didn’t need for my dresser/bench project.

3-DSCN6957The paint used was the same as the headboard peg rack.

5-DSCN6964It also got the same shabby chic sanding technique.

4-DSCN6960There wasn’t a handle, and finding one with matching screw holes proved fruitless. I went with a larger handle that had a back plate that would cover the old screw holes.

9-DSCN7001Shabby Chic Coffee Table

DeskThe coffee table was crafted from what I believe to be an old desk. It was rather tall, so I’m not a hundred percent sure of that.

6-DSCN6989The legs were shortened and everything was tightened up.

The only thing good about the drawers was their fronts, so I removed the box part of the drawers.

7-DSCN6994The paint treatment was the same as the end table and the peg rack…

8-DSCN6997…as well as the shabby chic sanding technique.

I then permanently attached the drawers to the drawer slots.

I had each piece priced separately at last weekend’s craft show, but a customer bought all three as a set. Score!

The entire show was a complete success.