Denim Country Pumpkins

10-DSCN6984Denim Country Pumpkins

Jean Pumpkin 6Need another idea for those old blue jeans? Use the legs to make pumpkins.

Jean Pumpkin 3Hand sewing (gathering) the openings closed and wrapping the spines is as close to a needle as you will get. A sewing machine is not required.

Jean Pumpkin 1These pumpkins were made from my teenage son’s castoffs. The legs were wide, making nice plump pumpkins. The instructions can be altered to work with the jeans you have on hand.

Jean Pumpkin 7What instructions? My tutorial for the Denim Country Pumpkins can be found on FaveCrafts.


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  1. So darned cute. I had to go out to trash can to dig out pair of raggedy jeans we put in can yesterday after cleaning out hubs little travel trailer. I knew I should have taken them out yesterday but, ah well, still safe under other junk we threw out. Hoping to sell old trailer, can’t use it anymore, darn it. I really miss going camping in it.
    Those pumpkins are so cute, love it and so easy also. Wish I had couple more pair to make more pumpkins. Happy days, great project.

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