Pumpkin Stand Photography Prop

2-DSCN7079Pumpkin Stand

1-DSCN7077The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 😉 Casey’s latest project. Yes, I’m allowed to be a proud momma!

Pumpkin Stand 1A friend of ours is a photographer and she’s getting ready for fall minis.

Pumpkin Stand 2It’s A-Z Photography. Check out Alyssa’s adorable pics. She also took Colby’s senior pics and they were fantastic.

3-DSCN7086She was getting ready to advertise the new fall setting, so she needed pics. Since they set it up in the pasture I tagged along to get my own pics of the finished masterpiece.

4-DSCN7093Alyssa has three young brothers that were her models. I am not a people photographer, but I just had to get a few shots of actual people posing in the display. Boy, kids move a lot!

6-pumpkin standI love the display, but hmm…I think I was showing my age when I said it reminded me of Peanuts. I got blank stares and a “huh?”…:0…


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  1. Such handsome boys, all of them. Lucky Mom with such handsome boys. Love the pumpkin stand and the lettering. Really cute. Yeah kids do move a lot, boys almost constantly. Great spot for photography.
    I had two boys, 16 months apart, what one didn’t think of the other one did. The youngest we called the Tasmanian devil. He wasn’t a bad kid just very full of being a boy. He had one of his own also. I used to tease him about paybacks being a Mother. He and his son have had more trips to emergency than all 3 of my other kids. Happy weekend