Witchy Wisdom

6-DSCN6974Witchy Wisdom

8-DSCN6977I only made two of these, but I should have made more.

7-DSCN6975They practically “flew” out of my craft booth this past weekend.

1-DSCN6931The motivation for this project came from the desire to use these old wooden chair seats.

2-DSCN6947I gave them a coat of orange paint…and then…I just stared at them for a while…Finally inspiration hit!

4-DSCN6968I made a stencil using my Cricut, painted it on…

5-DSCN6973…and attached a small broom that I made using a stalk of bamboo and raffia.

A bit of rusty baling wire for the hanger and they were done.


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  1. Those are hilarious. Who’d have thought to use old chair seats that way? Well you did but never seen this before. I cracked up when I first saw it. Isn’t that the way, the funniest, most unusual craft sells quickly when you don’t make enuf of them? I have got to make one. Hubs made a couple pumpkins for me, one bigger so think it’s gonna become one like yours. Do you mind if I try to copy it? Have fun. Happy week