Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

3-DSCN7278Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

As a “junk” crafter I tend to use anything and everything to make that perfect creation, and since I cleaned the barn a few months ago, I have been challenging myself to craft with what I have available.

Mass producing for craft shows and regular sales has really stretched my imagination, but I am loving the new stuff I’m coming up with.

5-DSCN6755Scrap wood pieces that really didn’t seem to have much going for them all by themselves have been given a purpose.

5-DSCN7037This scrap wood tree stands about 4 feet tall.

1-DSCN7025Each branch and the trunk is a wood scrap I had available. Widths and wood types didn’t matter. I bought nothing new.

3-DSCN7033The star was cut from a salvaged piece of flashing and the hanging wire is from my stash of rusty baling wire.

3-DSCN7278I made several for a craft show coming up in a couple of weeks. I didn’t have the baling wire hangers on all the trees for this picture, but I have since fixed that.

If you are in Arkansas City, Kansas on November 16th, come shop at the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Craft Fair.


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  1. Very cute Christmas Trees! Would love to go to a Beta Sigma Phi craft show – but I am in California – I also am a Beta Sigma Phi sister.

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