Fidget Memory Lap Quilt

08-DSCN7518Fidget Memory Lap Quilt

Exciting news that I can’t talk about yet has kept me from posting too much in the last couple of weeks. Don’t ya just hate that?

Anyway, I will clear my mind of that little tidbit so that I can share a project I made for a special lady for Christmas.

Shopping for someone with memory challenges can be…well,…challenging. Another pair of slippers or a bath robe just didn’t seem appropriate, so I did a little Googling for gift ideas for Alzheimer/dementia patients. Two ideas stuck out. I decided to combine them and make my own version. The fidget memory lap quilt was born.

02-DSCN7512I needed photos. Lots and lots of photos. I started by stalking family Facebook pages to scrape as many photos as I could, then I got out my own albums and scanned what I couldn’t find online. I used old and new photos. Each pic was cropped into a square using my photo software, then I combined several into a collage that would fit a standard sheet of printer paper. When I had all the photos collages ready, I printed them off on t-shirt transfer paper. Note: If you are interested in doing this project, do not forget to flip the collages to a mirror image before printing. My printer did this automatically when I told it what kind of paper I was using, but if your printer doesn’t, you will have to do it either through the photo editing process or when setting your printer’s particulars before hitting the print button.

Each photo was then cut out.

03-DSCN7513The front of the lap quilt is one whole piece of white cotton fabric. To accommodate all the photos I cut the fabric a little larger than a baby blanket. The resulting size was perfect for a lap quilt. Arrange your photos on the fabric and follow the instructions on the packet of transfer paper to adhere.

I had some pieced fabric left over from a previous project that was perfect for the back of the quilt. The backing, batting and front of the quilt were layered and pinned together.

10-DSCN7520The fidget part of the quilt is the fabric strips. I ripped several strips from scrap backing fabric and pinned them in a somewhat organized-chaos between the photos on the front. Using my sewing machine, the middle of each strip was tacked to the quilt. This stitching went through all of the layers to create the quilting. Each strip was then tied into a knot.

I hand-stitched the binding, then top-stitched the binding using my sewing machine.

We do not live close to the special lady who received the quilt, so we don’t know yet if it sparked any memories. I’m kinda anxious to hear.


Happy Holidays!

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  1. You are a wonder, such a perfect gift to give anybody, especially a memory challenged person. Any Grand Parent or relative would love this quilt also to keep warm and be able to look at photos of their loved ones all the time.
    Kinda grabbed my interest as a project I’d like to make for myself since I don’t know anybody else at this time that would love a quilt. I’m going to pin this quilt to maybe work on this winter. So glad you shared this project, such a wonderful idea. You did a beautiful job on the quilt also.
    Happy New Year

  2. what a wonderful idea! My mother had dementia, and never tired of looking at old photos. After all, she knew everyone in the old pictures :-) It would be a wonderful gift even without dementia – this may become a gift for next year!