Scrap Wood Christmas Tree-Tutorial

5-DSCN7037Scrap Wood Christmas Tree-Tutorial and here.

Yay! The Scrap Wood Christmas Tree tutorial has been published.

2-DSCN7028I have had so many requests for specifics on this project, so I am thrilled to finally be able to give them to you.

3-DSCN7278Just in time to craft a whole forest before Christmas.

3-DSCN7033You can find the tutorial at and also right here.


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  1. Love your forest of trees. Saw a similar version of tree with more boards stacked on top of each other. Your tree would be much quicker to put together. I have to find easier ways to get hubs to cut/put together the tree. I’ll be happy with just one tree but more would be great. Our weather is about to act very winterish, lower temps and snow, we don’t have a garage or basement so hubs would have to work outside, pretty nippy for that.
    Glad you shared your forest of trees, great idea. Happy week