T-Shirt Crochet Coffee Mug Wrap-Pattern

Mug Wrap 4T-Shirt Crochet Coffee Mug Wrap

Do you need a quick gift? This Christmas season has been crazy-busy, but I promised I would share the pattern for the t-shirt crochet coffee mug wrap, so here it is. Finally!

Mug Wrap 3The thick cord of the t-shirt yarn works up big and fast, making this project a simple project to tackle while watching Christmas movies. Please tell me I am not the only one addicted to them.

Things You Will Need:

One adult-size t-shirt
Crochet hook, size N
Straight pin
Large button
Needle and thread


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
st = stitch
sk = skip

Preparing the T-Shirt Yarn:

04-DSCN7390Step 1
Lay an adult-size t-shirt on your work surface. Cut off the hem. Cut across the t-shirt body from one armpit to the other. Set the top of the t-shirt aside. The remaining tube from the body will be your yarn.

05-DSCN7391Step 2
Cut 1/2 inch into one cut edge of the tube at a slant. Cut a continuous 1/2-inch strip around the tube until the entire tube has been cut.

Step 3
Starting at one end of the yarn strip and working to the other, stretch the strip. The stretched t-shirt strip will curl naturally into a yarn cord.

Crocheting the Mug Wrap:

Ch 28

Mug Wrap 6Round 1:
2 sc in second ch from the hook. Sc once in each of the next 25 chs. 2 sc in the last ch.

Working up the other side of the foundation ch, 2 sc in the remaining loop of the first ch. Sc once in each of the next 25 chs, 2 sc in the last ch. Do not join.  You will work in continuous rounds. Attach a safety pin to mark the beginning of the round.

Mug Wrap 8Round 2:
2 sc in the back loop of the first sc. Sc once in the back loops of each sc to the end of the first side. 2 sc in the back loop of the last st on the end. Ch 2. Sk one sc, 2 sc in the back loop of the next sc. Buttonhole made. Sc once in the back loops of each sc to the end of the round. 2 sc in the back loops of the last sc of the round.

Mug Wrap 9Round 3:
Sl st in the back loop of the next sc and in each sc of the round. Sl st to the first sl st made and finish off. Weave in the beginning and ending tails.

Mug Wrap 10Place the wrap around a coffee mug, threading it through the handle. Stretch the wrap and overlap the ends. Place a pin on the end of the wrap that is directly below the buttonhole to mark. Remove the wrap from the mug. Choose a large button from your button collection.

Mug Wrap 5I use large buttons recycled from vintage coats and dresses. Hand sew the button to the marked end of the coffee mug wrap.

Note: Variations in individual tension can effect the size of the wrap. If the wrap is too short to wrap around the mug, stretch and block the wrap to fit the mug with an overlap for the button. If the wrap is too large a bigger overlap is fine.

Mug Wrap 4Place the wrap on the coffee mug and button to secure.


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  1. Great project, wonderful tutorial, makes me wish I could still crochet. Darned arthritic hands and wrists put kybosh on crocheting for me few years ago already.
    Your mug wrap is great, cute and quick. Happy Christmas
    No you’re not the only one watching Christmas movies, been watching them on HallMark, Hallmark movie channel and Lifetime. At least Lifetime has had some different ones and Hallmark puts a new one on every Saturday and maybe Sunday. Keep making good things from old t-shirts. Have fun