Mini Decorative Crowns-Crochet Pattern


Mini Decorative Crowns-Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern is brand new in my Etsy shop.

8-DSCF0306I know I have been missing in action for the last couple of weeks, but this selling a house, packing to move and buying or renting a new house is exhausting and overwhelming.

7-DSCF0305I am still trying to keep up with my paying clients, but projects have turned toward the easy to do while relaxing in the evening. Those just happen to be crochet at the moment.

6-DSCF0304I love, love these little crowns.

They are so feminine, and in a house overrun by men, I enjoy a little touch like this. Besides that, it just reinforces to my guys just who I am…the queen!

Lacy Boot Cuffs Crochet Pattern

6-DSCF0266Lacy Boot Cuffs

New crochet pattern in my Etsy store.

These boot cuffs are quick to stitch. I love the way they turned out.


Crochet Country-Western Ornies

4-DSCF0178Crochet Country-Western Ornies

Another new listing in my Esty shop.

This listing is a crochet pattern for making a cowboy boot, cowboy hat and star ornie.


Crochet Pears

6-DSCF0154Crochet Pears

New listing in my Etsy shop. This listing is a crochet pattern.

I’m finally reopening my Etsy shop. It has had to go on the back burner for the last couple of months. Boo Hoo! I hated that it was empty.

Fixing up and selling a house is exhausting!

My time has been limited on making several of one item for Etsy, packaging and getting them to the post office, but I have had some down time in the evening when I could experiment with new crochet designs. I decided to write the patterns up and list them in my shop.

I’ve sold patterns through Etsy before, but Etsy has this cool new way of doing it. Customers used to purchase the pattern, an email was sent to the shop owner informing them of the sale, then the shop owner would email the pattern to the customer. Now Etsy has instant digital downloads. As soon as the customer purchases the pattern, they can download the pattern. The shop owner is still informed, but the customer doesn’t have to wait for the shop owner to notice a sale was made. Way cool for someone who has too many things going at one time!

DSCN4077I also relisted my Granny Infinity Scarf Pattern, and more patterns will be showing up in the next day or two. I can’t wait to show off my Country-Western Bowl Fillers, and the cold weather has inspired a few warm accessories.


Record Album Coasters

8-DSCF0129Record Album Coasters

I was out in the craft barn doing a little (a lot) of sorting when I came across my parents old stereo cabinet. I had toted it from their old house before my mom moved. It looked pretty rough at that time since it had been stored in an area where critters could get to it. The legs were a little chewed, and I swear we moved a pack rat with it. My plans were/are to give it some sort of facelift in the future, but for now, I was most interested in the blast-from-the-past records I found inside.

I hadn’t opened the doors on the stereo since I brought it home. That was several years ago. I think I was mostly worried about the critter that was sure to greet me at the door. Well, today I was ready for a simple project and I was going to get those records!

I actually reasoned with myself that I had work gloves, heavy coat, jeans and boots on. Nothing was gonna get me. LOL! Yep, there was evidence of occupants, but thankfully they decided to split while I was there.

1-DSCF0111This is part of my find. Since my project uses albums, I left the 45s in barn. It was so fun looking through this time capsule. My sons had never heard of 78s.

3-DSCF0115This is Shaun. (swoon) I was going to marry him. When I told my husband he said “Instead you got me.” Hmm, how to respond? I am quite sure Shaun would have happily helped me work in the barn…He might have even stuck his hands into the scary stereo cabinet. (sigh)

5-DSCF0118I have no idea who some of the singers are on quite a few of the albums. Those have to be from my mom and dad’s “collection”.

These I knew.

2-DSCF0112The Archies

4-DSCF0117Flip Wilson

On to the coasters. I randomly chose them, but I tried to have a mix of colors.

6-DSCF0121Basically I heated an album in the oven until flimsy…

7-DSCF0124…then I quickly cut out the center with scissors.

The coaster was heated in the oven again, then pressed between books to press flat.

8-DSCF0129Once the edges were sanded, the coasters were basically done.

They still need to be sealed. I tried brushing varnish on, but I am not happy with the visible stroke marks and the dyes seem a bit unstable. I think I will wait for a warmer day to spray seal them in the garage. Enjoy!