Rustic Signs for the Guys

6-gone...signPurging my over abundance of stuff has me looking at things with a critical eye. While moving one son asked me what I was going to do with some of the weathered boards that were split and broken. Well, to most people these scraps probably should have never been saved, but the rustic, natural, oldness (is that a word?) appeals to me.

1-gone...signI created stencils with my Cricut…

2-gone...sign…sized and cut boards for each stencil…

3-gone...sign…stenciled the signs…

4-gone...sign…and attached rusty wire hangers.

9-gone...signThey didn’t seem quite done, so I raided my oldest son’s tackle box for bobbers to put on the fishing signs.

7-gone...signWhen we moved, two large baskets of toy cars surfaced. Since my kids are grown, I figured I was safe to pilfer a few for the mudding sign.

8-gone...signLastly, I dug out some metal stars and bottle caps for the garden signs.


5 thoughts on “Rustic Signs for the Guys

  1. Cricut….sounds like cricket…is a personalized electronic cutting machine….that I personally do NOT have, but truly want!

    Cyndee, will you be selling these? How much? I have a friend who collects signs like this and I bet she’d be interested.

    • I love my Cricut! Sharon, this is new inventory for the store I sell at locally (Winfield, Kansas). I won’t be making these to ship.

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