Upcycled Ladder

6-DSCF0521Upcycled Ladder

1-DSCF0404This huge ladder almost didn’t make the move from the old house to this one. Finding a place to store it until I got around to restyling it was a big consideration.

Ultimately I couldn’t stand leaving it behind and I am so glad I didn’t. These ladders were finished in an afternoon. Really! Sheesh! Sometimes I can talk myself out of starting a project when I think it will be bigger than it actually turns out to be.

2-DSCF0405The ladder was about 16 feet long. Keeping the placement of the rungs in mind, I cut three smaller ladders as close to the same size as possible. They are the perfect height for displaying quilts and other vintage linens, or they can be propped in a bathroom as a towel rack.

5-DSCF0515A quick dry-brushing of white paint…

3-DSCF0512…brought out their shabby chic personality.

6-DSCF0521These ladders will be heading to Quality Outdoor Design in Winfield, Kansas this week.


2 thoughts on “Upcycled Ladder

  1. That would have been awful if you’d left it behind. After seeing how long it was I had feeling you’d cut it in 3 pcs. Well done, they’re great, wish I had one for corner of l/r or bathrooms or ? The possibilities are endless. The white paint makes them look more habitable for inside.

    Since chances of finding an awesome ladder like that here are so out of sight, maybe I’ll have to have my hubs make me one someday. Wanted one for long time but he kept asking me why I wanted one. Duh. No foresight. I’ve shown him photos of ladder styling but he still asked me what I’d do with it. He’s always telling me I start too many projects, too much clutter. One more outstanding project.
    Happy Spring days

    • JaneEllen, the one in my “itsy bitsy bathroom” post used to be in my living room. I displayed quilts on it in the living room, now it holds towels. It was an old wooden ladder from a child’s swing set.

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