Chenille Bunnies and Chicks

49-DSCF0781Since moving I have had to utilize every possible empty space for storing my crafts and craft supplies. That included the space under my son’s bed. He’s away at college so I figured he wouldn’t mind. 😉 This last week I was going through some containers under the bed and I came across a WIP box of chenille bunnies and chicks that I had made a few years ago.

48-DSCF0759The items in the box were a variety of pre-cut and pre-sewn pieces, along with the other craft supplies needed to complete them. Since Easter is still two weeks away I decided to make them and take them to the store where I sell them locally.

49-DSCF0781Chenille Bunnies

51-DSCF0787Chenille Chicks

50-DSCF0785Squeezable and adorable.

52-DSCF0789I have a tutorial for the chick that can be found here.

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  1. Oh my heavens, your bunnies and chicks are adorable. If they don’t all sell I’ll be so surprised. I’d love to buy one of each. So cute, love things like that. You do such a wonderful job sewing also, they have adorable personalities. You wouldn’t want to part with the bunny pattern would you? Pretty please.
    So how do you like living where you do now? You’re in town now aren’t you?
    Hope you’re having wonderful Spring days