Crocheted Santa Ornaments

Crocheted Santa OrnamentsCrocheted Santa Ornaments

Another project for the heat.

Yes, I know seems a bit early for Christmas crafts, but my first fall show is the end of September and I have another one at the beginning of October. Anything I can knock out when I can’t stand the heat outside will make last-minute projects easier to handle.

5-DSCF1907I’m an assembly-line-kinda-girl so I started by crocheting all the pink heads…

3-DSCF1905…then went on to their beards and hair…

4-DSCF1906…ending the crocheting with the hats.

2-DSCF1903The eyes, noses and bells were the final embellishments.

I still need to add the hanging loops, but other than that they are done.

I’m working on the tutorial. I’ll share more when it is published.


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  1. Talk about flaming adorable, these are. Smart gal getting good start when you can. Makes me wish I could still crochet. Don’t remember how anymore.
    I have one of those looms to knit on, was thinking of making a nice warm big enuf afghan to use this winter. Maybe if I get a start on it now it’ll keep me busy enuf and out of cookie jar – just one more row, just one more row. Need that.
    How do you do all you do girl? You must be busy all the time.
    It’s a lot of work getting ready for shows so you have enuf inventory to sell. Wish I could go to one of your shows. Happy week, keep crocheting.
    If you choose to reply please do so to my email address.