Jean Seam Christmas Garland

Christmas Jean Seam GarlandJean Seam Christmas Garland

Another project after cleaning out a drawer.

I’ve used jean seams in a number of projects, I’ve even made seam garland for everyday decor, but my stash of jean seams and a jar of Christmas light bulbs had the wheels turning in my head for Christmas garland.

1-DChristmas Jean Seam GarlandThe garland itself is made just like the red and green construction paper chain garlands you made in elementary school. Each link was secured with hot glue.

1-DChristmas Jean Seam GarlandI attached jute to the bulbs and simply tied them to the chain links.

1-DChristmas Jean Seam GarlandEnjoy!

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  1. Never cease to be amazed what you can make out of nothing essentially. You are a wizard Cyndee. Your garland looks so cute, who’da thunk it. You must have good strong hands to be able to cut the seams off that tidily. That’s a lot of seams. Have you been making those before? You have a lot of garland, cute with the bulbs on it. What will you do next. When I see your blog name on a post I have to go to it first to see what you’ve made now. Keep up the good work. How did you do in show last weekend? Have great weekend
    If you decide to reply please do so to my email address

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