Vintage Hankie Chicks

6-DSCF2810Vintage Hankie Chicks

I’ve got spring fever. Yep, I said it. I also knocked on wood just now in hopes that I don’t jinx it. We have had a few days of mild weather and I am excited. I shouldn’t be…it seems like a good portion of the country is bracing for a doozy of a winter storm. We’re bound to get some kind of trickle down from that. :(

8-DSCF2818Rather than dwell on what could happen, I am enjoying what we have now. I dug out my vintage hankie collection to make spring chicks. I think they will look cute for Easter and decorated spring vignettes.

2-DSCF2699I have lots of hankies to choose from. They’ve come from grandmas, aunts, yard sales, auctions and thrift stores. I pretty much collect them from every possible place they may be available.

01-DSCF2642I think the colors and designs are more interesting and unique than fabric by the yard, not to mention the memories or conversations they will evoke.

02-DSCF2644I was able to get three chicks from one hankie. I could have gotten more, but I focused my cut pieces on the best design areas on the hankies.

03-DSCF2650I used one pink hankie for the combs on all of my chicks, and I used a scrap of yellow fabric for the beaks.

7-DSCF2814The eyes were beads from old broken jewelry.


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  1. I have some hankies from my Mom, wish I Had more. I Have several I bought in KY at antique sales. Last year I made a bathroom curtain with some of them. Time to take curtain apart to make couple hankie chicks maybe. Your chicks are so darned adorable. Where do you get all your incredible ideas to re purpose things? Some of hankies I have are very light and ready to tear. Wish hankies were made like the vintage tablecloths but then they’d be too scratchy for noses.
    I’ll be on lookout for vintage hankies now.
    I’ve seen hankies made into all kinds of things. Country home magazine used to feature them and some other zine, got great ideas from them. I made one little pillow cover on our bed by sewing a hankie on top of cover, but it’s getting pretty tattered so time to make new cover.
    You have several really nice ones with gorgeous prints/colors on them. Where you live must be hankie mecca.
    Have a great week