Birdhouse Stands

Birdhouse StandBirdhouse Stands

Another project for the craft shows. I had a little trouble coming up with a title for this post. These stands can be used outside with flower pots in them, or inside as storage decor. We have one we use inside to hold newspapers, but it could also be used for magazines or bathroom storage.

My husband and I have made these before, but it has been years. Actually, I don’t think we have made these since moving to Kansas from Colorado (15 years ago) so this will be new to our shows here.

DSCF4932Now to be honest, hubby did most of the work on these.

After ripping the boards to the right width, the back pickets were cut into birdhouse shapes and the holes were drilled.

DSCF4935Hubby built the boxes…

DSCF4938…and half of the stands…

DSCF4942…while I painted the birdhouses.

DSCF5051After the birdhouses were painted he was able to complete the stand and add the eaves.

We made several so if you are in Ark City, Kansas this Saturday, come check them out at the Last Run Car Show.


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  1. Birdhouse Stand? Birdhouse planter!! OMG…how cute is that?…must go through my pile (mountain) of scrap wood and give it a go.

  2. Those are just too darned cute for anybody, bet they’ll sell like crazy, you have great wood to work with. Wish I could be there.
    There are some people that just have the touch Cyndee, you and your hubs do. Plus it’s just not good for crafts here. A store where people could put their crafts to sell didn’t do well at all, went out of business few months ago. It’s just so weird here, people don’t want old stuff, only want brand spanking new looking I guess.
    Where in CO did you move from? Wherever it was must not have been Grand Junction area. You just have magic touch.
    Hubs got his teeth today, finally, he’e not liking them, has trouble eating. We went to BK for ice cream and he took bottoms teeth out. His top teeth look like he has way too much in his mouth. Had all teeth out in April so it’s been while. Hope he can get used to them.
    Good luck this weekend.