Make Your Own Felted Wool

Felted Projects-006Free Felting Patterns

Have you ever made the mistake of washing and drying a wool sweater? You would definitely remember if you did because the shrinkage is quite dramatic. An adult-size wool sweater quickly becomes child-size. If your first thought is to throw it away, STOP! You have the perfect fabric for a felted wool project.

Recently I finished an article for Love To Know that explains how to felt. There are also free patterns on what you can do with that felt when you are done.

DSCF6324Wool Sweater Purse

DSCF6344Felted Chick Ornament

DSCF6322Felted Heart Candle Mat

DSCF6232Felted Dryer Balls


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  1. Thought you were going to show us how to felt wool. Have been curious about articles have seen when people felt wool then use it to make things as you have. Love your chick ornament. Would love to make some of those. Lia Griffiths’ site uses felted wool to make some of her projects. go on over to see, ,she has great site also.
    Happy to get post from you, been while, how is your winter going? Knowing you been very busy making things and now writing articles. that’s fantastic. You are so talented, have great imagination.
    Take care, hope to get another post soon.