Santa Star Pillow Tutorial

Sew a jolly Santa star pillow for the holidays using vintage bedspreads. The points of the star naturally form the hat, arms and legs of Santa, while the red and white bedspread fabrics create his clothes. This pillow will be an attention-getter in your home, and a lovely gift for family and friends. I’ll be making several for Christmas craft shows I’m participating in.

Santa Star Pillow

You can find my tutorial here.

Chenille Bedspread Candy Cane Bowl Filler

Vintage linens offer an unexpected fabric for new sewing projects. I especially love chenille bedspreads. I use them quite a bit in my craft designs, but I am often left with small scraps that I just can’t bring myself to toss. This primitive candy cane bowl filler is the perfect solution for putting those scraps to good use. Made with primitively appliqued stripes and exposed seams, this bowl filler works up very quickly.

Chenille Bedspread Candy Cane Bowl Filler

You can find my tutorial here.

Gingerbread Man Light Bulb Ornie Tutorial

When something disposable no longer works, give it one more chance. Recycle those old burned out light bulbs into adorable gingerbread men ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Gingerbread Man Light Bulb Ornament

You can find my tutorial here.

More New Projects

Whew! Yawn! Wow!

The last month has been exhausting with preparing for and having a yard sale, as well as preparing for and participating in two craft shows. The last craft show was this past weekend, but I am just now getting my act together. Well, sort of…I’ve been shaking off fatigue for days. (sigh) With that in mind, I’m a little late in posting some of the new projects I’ve finished. Many of these are already gone, thanks to the “Fall Into The Holidaze” craft show this past weekend.

Fall Display Ladder

Leaf Rake Door Wreath

And another Leaf Rake Door Wreath

Scrap Wood Crows and Cats

Block Candle Holders

Witch Boot Bowl Fillers


Snowman Dolls

Window Cabinet (my hubby’s creation)

It started out with a simple old window.


Beyond The Picket Fenceyou are talking too muchPhotobucket

Painted Snowman and Halloween Suitcase Tutorials

Both of my suitcase tutorials have now been published.

Snowman Suitcase

You can find the tutorial here.

Halloween Suitcase

You can find the tutorial here.