Crochet a Pumpkin Applique-Tutorial

6-new-crochet-pumpkin-appliquePumpkin Applique

Small crochet projects are a great way to keep your hands busy while watching television or attending your child’s sporting events. Crochet pumpkin appliques to embellish a variety of craft projects. These little gourds can be attached to barrettes, magnets and pins, as well as embellishments for clothing and purses.


Ch = chain
SC = single crochet
HDC=half double crochet
DC = double crochet

Things You Will Need:

Orange and green worsted weight, 4-ply yarns
F to J hook (Experiment with what size works best for your yarn and tension.)


Create a Magic Ring: Using orange, worsted weight, 4-ply yarn, form the end of the yarn into a ring with the tail hanging on the left. Pinch at the top where the ring intersects. Insert the hook through the ring. Grasp the yarn hanging on the right and pull it through the ring. Make a slip stitch around both strands of the ring.

Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as first DC). Crochet 15 DC in the ring, making sure that each stitch is around both strands of the magic ring. Slip stitch to the top of the beginning ch 3 stitch. Pull the tail of the magic ring to tighten and close up the center of the ring.

Round 2: SC and HDC in the next stitch. Crochet 2 DC in each of the next five stitches. HDC and SC in the next stitch. SC in the next stitch, SC and HDC in the next stitch. Crochet 2 DC in each of the next five stitches. HDC and SC in the next stitch. Slip stitch to the beginning SC. This is the center top of the pumpkin. Fasten off and weave the end into the back of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Stem:

Attach green, worsted weight, 4-ply yarn to the center, top of the pumpkin with a slip stitch. Leave a 3-inch tail on the back of the pumpkin.

Ch 4. SC in the second chain from the hook and in each of the remaining chains. Slip stitch to the base of the stem and fasten off leaving a 3-inch tail. Knot the tails together on the back. Weave the tails into the stitches on the back of the pumpkin.

Experiment with yarn of different fall colors.

Fill a basket to sell at local fall craft shows.

Make several to attach to a ribbon as garland, or attach loops to the tops and hang from a tree branch display at your front door.


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Crocheted Santa Ornaments

Crocheted Santa OrnamentsCrocheted Santa Ornaments

Another project for the heat.

Yes, I know seems a bit early for Christmas crafts, but my first fall show is the end of September and I have another one at the beginning of October. Anything I can knock out when I can’t stand the heat outside will make last-minute projects easier to handle.

5-DSCF1907I’m an assembly-line-kinda-girl so I started by crocheting all the pink heads…

3-DSCF1905…then went on to their beards and hair…

4-DSCF1906…ending the crocheting with the hats.

2-DSCF1903The eyes, noses and bells were the final embellishments.

I still need to add the hanging loops, but other than that they are done.

I’m working on the tutorial. I’ll share more when it is published.


Shabby Chairs and Chair Rugs

13-DSCF0435I guess you could call this shopping in the barn, but I no longer have my barns. :( Somehow “shopping in the storage unit” just doesn’t have the right ring to it. :)

04-DSCF0337Yep, these three chairs were stored in the barn before we moved. The only place to move them was to a storage unit. As the weather warms up I will be going through the units (we have two) to decide what will be sold at a yard sale and what I can use (and still store) for projects. These chairs were a no-brainer. I knew exactly what I was going to do with them.

09-DSCF0430I went shabby chic. Each chair was painted white before receiving a worn and distressed sanding.

08-DSCF0428I loved them…,

07-DSCF0425…but they looked kinda…


12-DSCF0433I decided to add…

11-DSCF0432…chair rugs.

10-DSCF0431I crocheted them with fabric strips.

13-DSCF0435Now, don’t they look cozy?


Blast From The Past: Crocheted Chick Tutorial

12-DSCN5112Crocheted Chicks

Since I’ve been busy with the move, unpacking and trying to catch up, I decided a little blast from Easter past was in order.

I first posted about my free crocheted chick tutorial last year.

You can find the original post here.


Mini Decorative Crowns-Crochet Pattern


Mini Decorative Crowns-Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern is brand new in my Etsy shop.

8-DSCF0306I know I have been missing in action for the last couple of weeks, but this selling a house, packing to move and buying or renting a new house is exhausting and overwhelming.

7-DSCF0305I am still trying to keep up with my paying clients, but projects have turned toward the easy to do while relaxing in the evening. Those just happen to be crochet at the moment.

6-DSCF0304I love, love these little crowns.

They are so feminine, and in a house overrun by men, I enjoy a little touch like this. Besides that, it just reinforces to my guys just who I am…the queen!