Witches, Cross Country and FFA

Happy Halloween!

Hello! Sorry I have been missing in action the last few weeks, but there has been lots of personal doings. Amidst these doings, I have kept up with designing and crafting. That’s my job, so to keep up with the bills I had to do what paid. Unfortunately, that didn’t leave too much brain power for my little place in the blogging universe.

What’s been keeping me so busy? So glad you asked…

My baby is in his senior year of high school and his extracurricular activities have paid off big time.

A couple of weeks ago we attended the regional meet for cross country that he was participating in. That’s him with the pink socks for Breast Cancer Awareness. Yes, he was the only one that showed support that way, but I’m proud that he wanted to.

Have you ever been to a cross country race?

Honestly, it’s not a spectator-friendly sporting event. You definitely don’t sit on bleachers or a chair to watch the race, and there is a lot of the race that you can’t see. Much of each race zigzags and loops back on itself, so once started, the spectators scurry like mice across the fields to the next available viewing spot before the racers get there.

This was right after the race. He was dripping drool and snot, so I thought it best to take a pic of his sock.

The results! My baby (Colby) was 6th. Two other teammates came in 1st (Josh) and 3rd (Riley).

The individual awards.

The team placed second and were headed to State.

Yippee, Skippy!

The girl’s team also qualified for State!

I couldn’t pass up getting a shot of this great witch decoration. It was wrapped around a huge power pole next to the road.

This was another great display we passed on the way to the meet. The homeowners were in the yard, but didn’t seem to mind a stranger pulled over at the side of the road taking a pic of their home.

Once Regionals were over, my son was off to Indiana for FFA Nationals. His poultry judging team won 7th in the nation. Woo Hoo! This wasn’t a trip we attended. Unfortunately, I have no pics. One of his FFA judging teammates is also a cross country teammate. The two of them had to fly back early (without the other FFA teammates) to make it to the State Cross Country meet in Wamego, Kansas.

My husband and I made it a teen-tiny-mini vacation…sorta…We went early and visited the Wizard of Oz museum in Wamego.

Then, the next day was the competition.

Get ready! Get set! Go!

It was so cold. It has taken me a while to edit down my pics. I had my camera set on sports mode, and with frozen fingers, sometimes I got a gazillion shots of one thing instead of the one or two I was hoping for. Oh well, it’s better to have too many, rather than missing the shot altogether.

You’re doing great!

Check out the mob of spectators on the edges of the course.

Gitter Done!

Check it out! Colby placed 12th! Josh took 1st and Riley took 9th! Great job guys!

The awards ceremony.

We are so proud of you!

The top runners in the State.

Colby and Josh-The Running Chicken Judges

We are so proud of all the kids, and especially happy that my son will have great memories of his last year of high school.