My Romantic Husband

6-DSCF3104Wow! You gotta love a husband who is still a romantic after almost 30 years of marriage.

1-DSCF3097I had unexpected company this afternoon. These beautiful people are the Cowley College Singers.

2-DSCF3098They delivered a Singing Valen-gram that my husband had ordered from them.

3-DSCF3099They sang two songs to me and presented me with a carnation and a handmade card.

4-DSCF3100I feel so loved!

Now I’ve got to come up with something equally as good for my husband. Since today is the 13th I still have a day to work with. Wish me luck.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Where Have I Been?

I moved!!!

Those two words have a million more surrounding them, but I will try to summarize.

We received an offer on our house the week before Christmas. Yes, apparently houses DO sell in the winter. The buyers were getting an FHA loan, which required a bunch of picky fixes to the property for the loan to be approved. We spent several weeks working on the fixes with (surprisingly) the help of the buyers. We closed the first part of February and had a week to move out. The week was snowy, freezing and windy. Finding a new place to live so quickly was very stressful.

We wanted to buy a house, but the one we had our eye on didn’t work out. Finding a suitable rental was very difficult. We finally found one, but had to sign a one year lease. We have gone from over 1800 square feet to 1200 and a two car garage down to a one car. We had two barns and a shed, but this property has nothing. Lots and lots of stuff is in two storage units across town. We were out of the house and garage in the first week, but the barns still needed to be emptied. The weather and other things slowed us down, but the new owners have been very gracious and understanding.

We’ve had a few hiccups along the way. My mother-in-law passed away on Feb. 13 and we had to take a trip to Denver for the funeral. The weather that week was wonderful (figures), but it was only playing with us as we have endured more sleet, ice, snow and cold since then.

My writing, designing, blogging and crafting were put on hold. I wasn’t happy about it, but I had no choice. I’m still suffering from “can’t find it-that’s in storage-no room-have to purge-no time” syndrome. sigh

The good news is…I can see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel that seems to brighten every day. We have a tiny bit still to move, then it will be time to sort and purge for a yard sale.

I have been working on some things during my “free time” and am anxious to post more about them. I’m also testing my organizational and storage skills in small spaces. I would love to hear ideas if you have them.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Soothing Landscaped Waterfall

4-DSCF7155Oops! It’s been two weeks since I last posted. Sigh. What can I say?…life happens…nuff said…:)

Have you ever wanted to build a waterfall in your yard?

I may be a bit biased, but I think this is absolutely beautiful! Why biased? Because this waterfall was built by my son. He works for Quality Outdoor Design, a local landscape business. He built the waterfall as a display outside the store. QOD also happens to be where I locally sell my crafts and creations.

7-DSCF7158Unfortunately I can’t tell you how he did it, but there are a few things he told that I thought were very interesting. Check out the bigger rocks. The ones that are gray in color. They are not real! I believe they create the form of the waterfall. How cool is that!

9-DSCF7161He laid a design of mulch around the waterfall (and under it? before he started building).

5-DSCF7156I love the contrast of the different types and colors of the ground cover.

6-DSCF7157I have no idea how he hooked up the fountain thingy, but I love the way the water trickles down the center of the rocks.

3-DSCF7154The rest of the rocks are real. They were used to build, beautify and hide the edges of the “not real” rocks, and the mechanics and structure around the edges.


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Rock-N-Country, America’s Bandstand

07-DSCN6245Sometimes you just have to let your hair down. Tonight I did just that.

My husband and I don’t often go out just for us. Many of you know that when you have kids your outings usually revolve around their lives and activities, but our town has the best musical festivals. Winfield, Kansas is known for the Walnut Valley Festival, a large bluegrass festival held every September that doubles the population of our town. This week is Prairiefest. Rock-n-Country is a new event associated with it. Tonight was the America’s Bandstand concert. Hubby and I have been talking about it for a few days. Rain, wind, lightening, thunder storms and weather warnings had us convinced we wouldn’t be going. Today, as late as lunchtime, it was still icky outside. By the time my husband got off work it was sunny with blue skies. We decided to go. We are so glad we did.

Each performer acted and sang in character. Most were so “spot-on” it sent chills down our spines. Visually and musically we were transported to another time. Oh, to be young again.

“Date Nights” are so far and few between that I had to document it. Please excuse my grainy pics. We were a bit of a distance away and the interior of the building was dim.

01-DSCN6226Donna Summer (Mariah Warren) We’ve enjoyed Mariah’s voice before as she is a former graduate of our local high school. She has a powerful voice.

02-DSCN6233Elton John (Tim Durham)

03-DSCN6236Stevie Nicks (Kelly Dillner) Oh my! I closed my eyes and enjoyed Landslide. It could have been an original recording.


07-DSCN6245Eagles (Jan Hatfield and the stage band) They were fantastic!

09-DSCN6258Linda Ronstadt (Char Myrick) Char’s bio stated she has opened for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and performed in shows with Keith Whitley, Jimmy Buffet, Travis Tritt and Hank Thompson.

10-DSCN6267Janis Joplin (Piper Leigh) OMG!!! Hubby and I are in total agreement that Piper is a reincarnated Janis. We had a conversation with her following the concert and even her normal voice was totally Janis. I really wish this photo had turned out better.

13-DSCN6275Aretha Franklin (Tansy Mignon)

12-DSCN6270This is a pic at the end of the concert with all of the singers.

11-DSCN6268Our neighbor Rod Knepper played in the stage band. I didn’t realize until I read the bio in the program, but when he was younger he formed a band that is now in the Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame. The band also recorded and was a front band for Dionne Warwick, Lou Christy, Pixices Three and the Beach Boys. How cool is that?!!

05-DSCN6242Now this pic is for our friend Brad. Turn your head if you must. (hehe) :) Brad was here this past weekend and asked me if I had a pair of fishnet stockings. Hmm…apparently he needed them as texture for a painting project. 😉 Well, as a crafter who uses just about anything to form a creation, who am I to judge…Here you go Brad.

Sandy’s Voice

I love sharing my crafts and latest restyling projects on my little blog. I also enjoy sharing happenings in my life and I enjoy reading little life moments on the many blogs that I follow.

Other than my DIY posts, the things I write are usually happy, funny or relatable stories. This one is different. This one is sad and personal.

If you have a Facebook account you have probably come across many stories like the one I’m going to share. You see them in the paper. You read them and move on. You watch them on television. You turn the channel. These stories don’t happen to people you know…Well, unfortunately they do.

The following is NOT the story of my cousin’s life. It is a summary of the horrific ending to it in October of 2000, and what is happening now.

Sandy's Voice

If you feel you can help it will be greatly appreciated. Prayers will also be gratefully accepted.

Thank You