Free Crochet Cowl Hood Pattern

Too cold to venture outside? Grab some yarn and whip up this Crochet Cowl Hood. 

It works up super fast using two strands of yarn. For more personality I cut my own button from an old pole, but any large button will work.

You can find my free pattern here.

This pattern includes child and adult sizes.


Vintage Porch Spindle Snowmen

I’m not too far out of season with these vintage porch spindle snowmen. Actually, if you consider we are just getting into the snowy, snowman building time of the year, I am right on time.

These snowmen started out as a box of dirty porch spindles my husband found at a garage sale for $4. He had a feeling I could come up with a project for them. 😉

After cleaning them I gave them all a dry-brushed coat of white paint. They still looked pretty rough, but they were starting to show some character.

A little bit of paint for the faces…

And a few painted buttoned down the front brought these men to life.

The hats were made with rectangles of black felt that were tied on top and folded into a cuff on the bottom. This picture kinda sucks. Sorry about that. To get the detail of the black to show up I had to lighten up the background quite a bit. It’s kinda blinding.

Old sweaters cut into strips provided the scarves for the snowmen to finish.


Restyled Rocking Horse

Whew! Christmas is over. It’s been several months of constantly crafting for shows, gifts and articles. Not to mention planning for the next show, attending shows, Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, preparing for Christmas day and dinner. It seems kinda strange to wake up the day after and not have a huge list to tackle before bedtime.

Now that I have a few minutes to breathe I have been thinking of all those pictures of projects I created. Those pictures are finally ready to bust out of my camera. While many of the projects are seasonal, I am still going to try and get them posted over the next few months. I figure, if nothing else, they can serve as inspiration for next year.

The first project to bust out is my restyled rocking horse. Children’s items have always been good seller’s so when I found this rocking horse it was really a no-brainer to snap it up.

The all over base coat was done in a light green.

I then made a polka dot stencil using a card stock scrap and a dime as my dot pattern. I cut the dot out with a craft knife. The entire painted horse got a white pearl top coat.

Lastly, white tulle ribbon was used to make a large bow for the neck.


NOEL Christmas Panels

Whew!! The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of craft shows and craft show prep. Thankfully, I only have one small show left.

These signs have turned out to be great sellers this year. Seriously, it has been wash, rinse, repeat for weeks. Maybe I sold them too cheaply, but since this particular batch of wood was a rescue, my time making them was really the only expense. I just couldn’t reconcile charging more. I hope all my customers enjoy their purchase.

Now…on to decorating, baking and shopping.


Cutter Quilt Tube Pumpkins-Tutorial

Cutter Quilt Tube Pumpkins

As many of you know, I will make tube pumpkins out of pretty much anything.

As I was going through some old cutter quilt scraps I realized some of the bits weren’t good enough for some of the stuff I do, but since I never throw anything away I thought I would try making them into pumpkins.

You can find my original tutorial on how to make them here.

I have used “normal” fabric, but I’ve also used chenille bedspreads…

And old jean legs.

These new pumpkins worked up pretty fast and I really liked the imperfections of the worn quilts.