Woolie Bird Stuffies

1-DSCF0473Another project completed!

2-DSCF0474My drawer of felted wool sweater pieces was calling to me for inspiration. Seriously! I mean there is just so much organizing and unpacking I can do before I gotta be creative.

4-DSCF0478I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to make until I began sorting through some old applique patterns. I had a couple of bird patterns that I thought would look a whole lot better if they were enlarged and stuffed.

7-DSCF0487I was right. The boring flat appliques came to life with their transformation.

6-DSCF0486I think they have a primitive quality that I love.

5-DSCF0482Check out the whole flock!


Recycled Neck Tie Pincushion Tutorial

tie pincushion 8Recycled Neck Tie Pincushion

New tutorial on FaveCrafts.

tie pincushion 5The appliqued spool shape on this pincushion was made using a recycled neck tie.

tie pincushion 8Talk about a quickie craft, this pincushion took less than 30 minutes to sew. One neck tie will yield several appliques.


Making Chenille Candy Cane Bombs

Okay, maybe not bombs, but by the time I finished this pile of chenille candy canes I felt like I had been disarming a bomb for hours.

The chenille bedspread I used was a hobnail chenille bedspread. That means the bumpy cord that makes the design isn’t fuzzy. It looks a lot more like candlewicking, and isn’t necessarily soft. But it looks really, really cool, so I just have to use it…no matter if doing so turns me into a nervous wreck.

The sewing on these requires each candy stripe to be top stitched to the chenille cane shape. Once completed, the striped candy cane is stitched to another layer of chenille.

As I am stitching along…minding my own business…my needle will stitch over one (or several) of those hobnail bumps causing the needle to freeze, as my machine screeches and begins beeping like a bomb that is getting ready to blow. Like a crazy person, I punch the appropriate buttons and adjust the needle to quiet my nerves the machine.

Once calmed, I continued sewing, only to have it happen again and again. It was so worth it! I just love the way a bunch of these look piled in a basket.

Halloween and Fall Tutorials

Whew! Been working on lots and lots of tutorials lately. That’s taken a lot of my time, so I haven’t been around to write “what I’ve been up to” posts. Those posts are what I usually reserve for blog parties, and I love me some blog parties.

I get paid an upfront fee for the tutorials I post for Yahoo. I frequently post the links to these tutorials on my blog. These tutorials are free for the average reader to enjoy, but technically I do get an additional payment from Yahoo whenever someone views them. Since that is the case, another blogger informed me that I could not use my blog posts with the links to these tutorials for blog parties. Clearly this is a skewed opinion. Bloggers that advertise on their blogs are compensated, and the ads are blatant. I’m not asking or enticing anyone to buy anything. The link they click on is free, as well as the tutorial I have posted. Although the payment to me is minimal, I would be crazy to not include the link. Money is money, and us DIYers get paid so little the way it is. So, in a nutshell, that is why I haven’t felt I should join the parties in the last few weeks. Designing, crafting and writing is my job. I do get paid for it. Blogging is something I enjoy. I don’t get paid for it. I will continue to provide links to my tutorials, but unless specifically invited to post them at a party, they won’t be shared there.

On that note, here’s a few Halloween/Fall tutorials I have been working on.

Click on the title for each photo to take you to the tutorial.

Wood Siding Pumpkin Wall Hanger

This pumpkin was crafted from wood salvaged from an old house.

Fall Pumpkin Using An Old Paperback
There is a new purpose for everything.

Burlap Wall Bag For Fall

The appliques are silk leaves.

Witch Boot Bowl Fillers
Made from old wool suits.

Domino Pumpkins
I’m making lots of these for fall craft shows.

There are definitely more tutorials to come.

Thanks for stopping by.