Shabby Chic Train Cases

9-train caseShabby Chic Train Cases

1-train caseRestyle a vintage train case into a shabby chic case for organizing your vanity or corralling your photos and journals. This romantic container could also be used to display small vintage collectibles.

*This is a project I had originally published on FaveCrafts.

Things You Will Need:

Train case (overnight bag)
Craft knife
Light-colored, flat latex paint
Book pages
Decoupage medium
Sponge brush
Measuring tape
3 1/2-inch wide lace
Satin ribbon scrap
Craft glue
Small flowers

2-train caseRemove the lining from the inside of your train case. The lining is glued in, so in most cases simply prying up an edge with a knife will allow you to grasp it and pull it out. If you encounter stubborn areas, cut it loose with a craft knife. Discard the lining.

Close the case. Use a wet rag on the outside of the case to remove dust and dirt.

3-train casePaint all sides of the case, including the hinges and latches, using a light-colored, flat latex paint. Allow the paint to dry and repeat with additional coats if necessary. Since old cases tend to soak up a lot of paint, I like to use wall paint left over from previous home improvement projects. It’s a great way to use up that little bit left in the can and it prevents the added cost of purchasing a large quantity of craft paint.

Undo the latches on the case and lightly paint over the areas that didn’t get painted when the latches were closed.

Lightly sand the surface and the edges of the case. Lightly sand over the metal of the latches and hinges. Wipe away the sanding dust using a dry rag.

Insert the blade of a craft knife in the gap between the lid and the case bottom. Allowing the gap to guide you, cut through the dry paint that is gluing the lid closed. After you have cut all the way around the case you will be able to pull open the lid.

Rip old book pages into 2 to 3-inch pieces. I used ripped book pages left over from other projects. They came from a variety of old books. Even though they didn’t match, the contrast of different book pages added interest to the project.

4-train caseWorking in one small area at a time, apply decoupage medium to the inside of the train case using a sponge brush. Place a book page piece over the medium. Smooth out the wrinkles and seal with a layer of medium over the paper. Repeat with additional book page pieces, overlapping their edges, until the inside of the case and lid has been completely covered. Allow the decoupage medium to dry.

5-train caseUsing a measuring tape, measure around the horizontal circumference of the case and add 24 inches. Using this measurement, cut a length of 3 1/2-inch wide lace. Wrap the lace around the case and tie the ends in a bow on the front.

7-train caseCut a 10-inch scrap of satin ribbon that coordinates with your paint color. Thread a key on the ribbon and tie the ribbon around the handle of the case. Using craft glue, attach a small flower to the key. Arrange and glue additional flowers to the lace bow.

8-train caseEnjoy!

Molly the Mannequin Makeover

Molly the Mannequin (3)Molly the Mannequin Makeover

What inspires your project choices?

My recent move, the frigid change in the weather, an empty Etsy store and Molly the Mannequin hanging in my closet were my inspiration for this makeover. The recent move reminded me of all the goodies I have in my supplies, like my collection of beads and old jewelry. The frigid weather had me looking for nice cozy projects to do in the house. Restyling that old jewelry seemed perfect. Since I wanted to place the finished creations in my Etsy store, getting Molly the Mannequin more presentable for photos was a priority.

1-DSCF2396I’ve never been fond of Molly’s looks. She, uhm…, always seemed a bit nekked.

I decided decoupaging her with old book pages would give her a more modest appearance while creating an artful background for my style of crafting.

2-DSCF2402An old poetry book and Mod Podge were the basic supplies needed to transform Molly.

Molly the MannequinI molded the wet pages around Molly’s curves with my fingers, not minding the wrinkles at all. I just thought they added to the Old World-antique look.

Molly the Mannequin (2)I love the way she turned out. I have a hand and head that I plan on giving the same treatment.


Scrappy Manly Tags

12-DSCN5870Scrappy Manly Tags

Tags, tags, tags and more tags. I have been at it again. This time I was inspired by textiles that reminded me of the men in my life.

01-DSCN5814For the base I cut wool tweed upholstery fabric. It’s from a big roll I scored at a yard sale. You will probably be seeing a lot more projects using it in the future. A wool suit or coat fabric could also be used for this tag.

02-DSCN5816The next layer was book pages from an old Robin Hood book.

07-DSCN5831You can’t really tell that’s the book the pages came from, but I kinda like knowing it anyway. These rectangles were cut slightly smaller.

03-DSCN5819A blue jean rectangle went over that.

08-DSCN5834They were stitched on at a slight angle. No pins. No fuss.


My collection of thrifted men’s ties made up the next layer.

09-DSCN5835I used a school glue stick to hold the silk tie rectangle in place. This helped prevent the edges of the rectangle from stretching and distorting while being stitched.

05-DSCN5825I stamped descriptive masculine words on muslin and scrap white fabric using 1/2-inch letter stamps and brown ink.

10-DSCN5837These stamped words were centered, angled and stitched. The sewing was intentionally stitched unevenly to keep the scrappy look throughout the tag’s construction.

06-DSCN5827More use for jean seams.

11-DSCN5841Each tag was embellished with a button and a jean seam.

A gold safety pin was also added so the tags could be attached to what ever I want.


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Crafting With Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

A friend redid her ceilings and gave me the scrap acoustical tiles from the new install.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do with them, but possibilities started to form in my head. Googling acoustical ceiling tile crafts didn’t exactly give me a multitude of ideas. Actually, it gave me none. I was on my own. No problem. Thinking outside of the box is kinda my thing. 😉

The tiles were really easy to cut with a craft knife, but I went for the really, really, really easy cut and used a jig saw.

These Halloween “BOO” Tiles were made with fabric and heavyduty fusible web. Yes, I ironed them! Worked like a charm!

You can find my tutorial here.

I cut this tile a little bigger and decoupaged book pages onto it. With the addition of a little paint to stain the pages, and a pearl paint finish, I thought it had a Parisian look. The sequins added the quirky bling I just had to have.

You can find the tutorial here.

Book Page Table Runner Tutorial

Another quick and easy project. This was made with regular old book pages, but I’m thinking sheet music would also make a cool runner/scarf for the top of a piano.

Book Page Table Runner

The tutorial can be found here.