Fall Leaf Bowl Fillers

Fall Leaf Bowl FillersAre you looking for natural fall decorations, but you’re not too excited about bringing bugs and dirt into your house? These fall leaf bowl fillers may be just the craft project for you. Yes, it does involve bringing in a couple of leaves to use as a pattern, but once your pattern is made, they can go back outside where they belong.

1-y212First off, head outside and find a leaf that has a good size and shape. Trace the leaf on the paper side of freezer paper.

2-y214Lay the traced freezer paper on the right side of your chosen fabric. Iron the fabric. This will temporarily adhere the freezer paper to the fabric.

I used upholstery samples that had been discontinued at a home improvement store, and some scrap pieces I had leftover from previous upholstery jobs. This project can really be made with any fabric, so there is no need to limit yourself to the fabric I used.

3-y213Sketch the veins of the leaf onto the traced paper leaf. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew over the sketched lines. Cut the fabric around the traced leaf shape. Peel the paper off the fabric.

Tip: Smaller (tighter) zig-zag stitches will make the needle-perforated paper easier to remove.

Lay a matching fabric scrap on your work surface with the wrong side facing up. Place the cut fabric leaf on the fabric with the right side facing up. Pin the pieces together. Sew the top leaf to the fabric 1/4 inch from the edge using a straight stitch. Leave a 2-inch opening on one edge.

4-y215Cut the excess fabric from the back using the front leaf as a guide. Stuff the leaf and continue to sew closed.

Fall Leaf Bowl FillersEnjoy!

Rats!!! New Bowl Fillers


Wow! Where has the summer gone? When the summer comes to an end I am usually knee deep in fall projects. While I am working on new projects, there doesn’t seem to be as many things finished as I like for this time of year. Since I just finished cleaning out the barn and got my youngest moved to college, I’ve decided to be happy with the things I have accomplished.

Inspiration for my rats came from a little adventure in the garage. While cleaning the barn I didn’t see one actual rat. I became rather adjusted to that fact. Then one of my sons saw a rat in the garage. Hmm…well, I do live in the country…Regardless, it is no longer there. Whew!!!

The rat was still on my mind when I grabbed my design book and started doodling. I haven’t worked up a tutorial yet, but I couldn’t wait to show off these creepy little critters. The tutorial will be coming soon.

3-DSCN6740The body is really just a cone I made with black fabric.

2-DSCN6736I stuffed the body and added a long tail. Check out that tail.

5-DSCN6745It came from this spool! I placed a ruler next to the spool so you could appreciate its size. I picked up this gargantuan spool of cording at a yard sale for less than a dollar. It looks like it will never run out!

4-DSCN6743The ears were a couple of ovals I cut from the same fabric as the body. I stitched around the edges to prevent too much fraying, but to still look primitive.

1-DSCN6733French knot eyes and whiskers finished it off.


Carrots, Chicks and Bitty Barn Kitties-Oh My!

New offerings in my Etsy shop.

43-restyled junk etsy banner

With the flash not working on my camera I have had to rely on sunny weather for my photo ops. Of course today I was ready to take pics for these Etsy listings and I woke up to rainy weather. Finally the clouds parted this afternoon and I was locked and loaded.

These Carrot Bowl Fillers were made using a dyed chenille bedspread.


The Primitive Barn Kitties were made from corduroy scraps.

Crocheted Chicks were made using my newest crochet pattern.

Oh yeah, I also listed more Scrappy Tags the other day. They seem to be moving fast once again. Who knew?


New Hearts In My Etsy Shop

Added a few new hearts to my Restyled Junk Etsy Shop.


Chenille Hearts

Quilt Hearts

Ticking Hearts

Painted Jean Hearts

Check out my Etsy Shop for the particulars.


Whimsical Ranch Sign and Valentine Tutorials

Just had to share my newest tutorials on FaveCrafts.

Ranch Rules 6

Whimsical Western Wall Hanging


What do you do with an old cupboard door? Make a fun “Ranch Rules” sign to keep your little (and big) cowpokes in line.

I also made word stencils using my Cricut Expression for this project.

Prim Valentines 7

Valentine’s Day Bowl Fillers


This little prim craft will add a lighthearted touch to your Valentine’s Day decor.