Making Chenille Candy Cane Bombs

Okay, maybe not bombs, but by the time I finished this pile of chenille candy canes I felt like I had been disarming a bomb for hours.

The chenille bedspread I used was a hobnail chenille bedspread. That means the bumpy cord that makes the design isn’t fuzzy. It looks a lot more like candlewicking, and isn’t necessarily soft. But it looks really, really cool, so I just have to use it…no matter if doing so turns me into a nervous wreck.

The sewing on these requires each candy stripe to be top stitched to the chenille cane shape. Once completed, the striped candy cane is stitched to another layer of chenille.

As I am stitching along…minding my own business…my needle will stitch over one (or several) of those hobnail bumps causing the needle to freeze, as my machine screeches and begins beeping like a bomb that is getting ready to blow. Like a crazy person, I punch the appropriate buttons and adjust the needle to quiet my nerves the machine.

Once calmed, I continued sewing, only to have it happen again and again. It was so worth it! I just love the way a bunch of these look piled in a basket.

Primitive Wrapped Candy Canes

Seems like when the kids go back to school, the craft show season isn’t too far off. My first craft show of the season is at the Last Run Car Show in Arkansas City, Kansas at the end of this month. It has always been a good show for fall, Halloween and Christmas decor, as well as all my home decor junk projects.

These primitive wrapped candy canes are what I worked on the other day.

Amazing what an ugly plastic candy cane can be transformed into. I bought the canes on clearance after Christmas last year.

Ripped fabric and glue created a decoration that was more my style.

A little pine, pip berries and raffia completed the canes.

My pile of finished canes.

This picture gives a better idea of their size.

I found these little aluminum stakes while cleaning out the garage. Since we had no idea why we had them, I decided to make mini wrapped candy canes for tree ornaments.

They bent really nice, so I was able to reshape them easily.

Wrapped them with fabric…

…and tied a bit of pine with raffia around the cane.

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