Shabby Chic Iron Vanity Chair

08-DSCF3988Shabby Chic Iron Vanity Chair

01-DSCF3937This was another find from my garage sale treasure hunt in Rose Hill, Kansas.

03-DSCF3945I got it for a steal, mostly because it would tip over backwards when someone sat in it. I knew immediately what the problem was. Unfortunately you can’t see what the problem was in these pics because I got excited and fixed it before grabbing the camera.

02-DSCF3941Basically, the problem was the braces between the legs. I took them off, turned them around and reattached them to the chair. This adjusted the legs to the way they were supposed to be. Score!

05-DSCF3962The chair had such cute lines, but I knew I would like it better with a shabby chic look. The technique I used wasn’t very technical.

04-DSCF3956I pounced white paint onto the iron and then painted a layer of pearl medium over the white.

06-DSCF3966I recovered the seat using white eyelet fabric. It was already quite a transformation, but it just didn’t seem done.

07-DSCF3984I decided to add a bit more girly-girl frill. I made a singed flower with some white lining fabric, lace and pearl beads.

08-DSCF3988It’s tied to the front of the chair with crinkled seam binding ribbon, but that’s just for the photo. It will be turned to the back of the chair so that it doesn’t get squished when the chair is being used.


Stoop Chair Story

7-DSCN6770Stoop Chair

1-DSCN6688While cleaning the barn I found a project that I never finished. That never happens (cough). 😉 This scary chair was actually one of a pair. Years ago I found them in a ditch on a country road. By themselves, neither one was any good, but I loaded them up and took them home because I figured what was good on one could repair what was bad on the other.

I never had intentions of reupholstering (shudder), who knew what they would smell like inside a house…and let’s be honest, the padding looked like a critter house.

3-DSCN6750Where was I when I gave up working on them years ago? I had completely stripped one chair. Goodness! Staples and nails were everywhere. That’s probaby why I gave up. I can vaguely remember numerous cuts and scratched knuckles.

Once I unearthed them again, I had to make a decision. Toss them or figure out what their purpose was to be.

The stripped chair had cracked and split back legs. That seemed to be its worst structural issue.

2-DSCN6690The other chair had good back legs.

No problem. I would remove the good back legs on one chair and reattach them to the other chair. Yep, I knew that sounded way too simple…I could not find a joint/seam at the top of the legs. Looking closer at the chair that had already been stripped, I realized each leg was actually one piece that extended upward and framed the chair back.

4-DSCN6751I got out the saws and cut them off. Even that simple step had numerous issues, but I won’t bore you with all of them. Regardless, I was determined to make my idea work.

6-DSCN6758On with the show! The easiest and most instantly gratifying step. I cut pallet boards to fit across the back and seat frame. They were each attached with a nail gun. This took less than half an hour. Whew! After the previous ordeals I was psyched.

7-DSCN6770Dry brushing the entire thing completed my rustic stoop chair.


Gunny Sack Chair

5-DSCN6221Gunny Sack Chair

I feel like I’ve been in end-of-the-school-year-graduation mode for so long. Now that it’s over, I’m ready to get my crafty groove on. Last week’s junking adventure was the perfect push I needed. I’ve been painting and creating like crazy this past week.

1-DSCN6195This chair was one of the first junk transformations I tackled from my new treasures.

It wasn’t anything special to begin with, but I did like the frame. The covering on the seat and back wasn’t very inspiring.

2-DSCN6203I removed the seat and back portions, then painted the frame using flat white paint.

6-DSCN6223A little sanding gave the surface the perfect amount of distressing.

4-DSCN6215I came across this stash of gunny sacks when I was digging out things for decorating the graduation party. I didn’t use them for the party, but after painting the chair, I knew how I would use them.

5-DSCN6221Reupholstering the seat and back went very quickly with the aid of an air compressor staple gun.

I love the way it turned out. I’d like to keep it, but I quickly took it down to the store so as not to tempt myself. Hopefully it sells quickly. 😉



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Recovered Folding Chair Cushions

In honor of the yard sale I am having this weekend I thought I would share this easy folding chair transformation. Keep your eyes open for these chairs during your “saling” adventures.

Amazingly easy transformation!

Seriously, I have seen better looking chairs at the curb!

The cushions can be removed!

Ladder Back Chair Redo

I finished a ladder back chair yesterday.

It was red and missing the rush seat.

I painted it a leather yellow color.

What goes good with leather? Blue jeans. I wove strips of blue jeans and stapled the ends under the rungs of the seat. Inserting the staple gun between the legs and seat rungs was kinda like parking an RV in a single car garage sideways, but I gotter done.

Aww…much better.

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special