Shabby Chic Drawer Boxes

16-DSCF0103Shabby Chic Drawer Boxes

I don’t know how it worked out this way, but I accomplished so much more today than I thought I would. Do you write daily lists? I am the list queen. Everything gets listed, but that doesn’t mean it gets done. Actually, half of my daily list rarely gets done. Well, today it happened! Woo Hoo! I crossed everything off my list.

To reward myself, and because I had time left at the end of the day, I finished a project that I had to put away when Christmas got too crazy.

06-DSCN7450Now most normal people would have thrown these little dresser drawers away, but I have never been accused of being normal. Look at them! They were a mess.

I removed the peeling layers and the drawer pulls.

07-DSCN7454Check these out! I had the bright idea of adding these old cupboard drawer handles as feet on the drawers. They were pretty gunky. Yep, another item most normal people probably would tossed.

09-DSCN7458They didn’t look too bad after a long soak and hard scrub.

11-DSCN7469Wow! Paint instantly makes things look better.

13-DSCF0095I went a bit further with the sandpaper. You know me, I just love me some shabby chic.

14-DSCF0101I think they turned out pretty good.

15-DSCF0102The smaller ones are my favorite…,

12-DSCF0092…but I’m most proud of the larger one. Once I started cleaning, scraping and sanding the drawers, this one fell apart. Yep, it wasn’t pretty. I had to completely rebuild it. I hate to admit it, but I actually considered throwing it away. Gasp!


Rustic Wood Snowman Head-Tutorial

11-DSCN7069Rustic Wood Snowman Head-Tutorial

The Rustic Wood Snowman tutorial has been published!

06-DSCN7056He is a quick project and great for using up all your scrap pieces. AND he was free!

1-DSCN7273Just like potato chips, you won’t be able to stop at one. Make plenty for gifts. They will be loved. I made several for a craft show and sold out fast.

11-DSCN7069You can find the entire tutorial at All Free Christmas Crafts.


Scrap Wood Christmas Tree-Tutorial

5-DSCN7037Scrap Wood Christmas Tree-Tutorial

Yay! The Scrap Wood Christmas Tree tutorial has been published.

2-DSCN7028I have had so many requests for specifics on this project, so I am thrilled to finally be able to give them to you.

3-DSCN7278Just in time to craft a whole forest before Christmas.

3-DSCN7033You can find the tutorial at


Recycled Blue Jean Patch Pillow

09-DSCN7397Recycled Blue Jean Patch Pillow

Another no-cost, quickie gift idea.

12-DSCN7408Yep, I always have an over-abundance of old blue jeans. I’ve tried purging them, but they just seem to breed on their own.

10-DSCN7399This project used six blue jean squares for the front and I cut apart a leg to use as one piece for the back. It could not have been simpler.

11-DSCN7403The size of the squares should all be the same size, but the actual size of the squares is determined by the size of the word stencil. I wanted to make sure it would fit and I already had my mind set on using six squares. My squares were each 6 inches. I used a stencil I had cut on my Cricut.

09-DSCN7397After I stitched it all together I stenciled the word on the front. The denim is pretty thick so you don’t need to worry about it seeping through to the back.


Recycled T-Shirt Dishcloths

01-DSCN7393Recycled T-Shirt Dishcloths

This time of year, more than any other, gift shopping seems like a constant drain on an already tight budget. I am always trying to come up with low-cost or no-cost alternatives. These recycled dish rags were absolutely free.

02-DSCN7386My guys had lots of old work t-shirts that had been replaced by newer ones. There were quite a few of them. Throwing them out just seemed wrong.

Light bulb moment! I cut them up to make t-shirt yarn, and I have lots of crochet ideas that are perfect for the yarn.

03-DSCN7388T-shirt yarn is not a new idea and is very easy to make. Basically you just cut the hem off, then cut the body off just below the armpits.

05-DSCN7391The body is then a tube. I slant a cut into one edge and then cut a continuous 1/2-inch wide strip until the entire tube has been cut. You can also cut short strips from the remaining yoke of the shirt and add it to the longer body strip if you need more or don’t want anything to go to waste. Cutting one shirt takes about 15 minutes. One adult medium or large shirt is plenty to crochet a dishcloth.

06-DSCN7395Once the strip (or strips) are all cut, stretch them. The cut strips will curl naturally into a cord. This is the t-shirt yarn. Roll it up and you are ready to rock.

01-DSCN7393I used the most simple of crochet stitches and a size N hook for my dishcloths. I haven’t written out the particulars yet, but any pattern will work for this idea. You could even knit the dishcloths.

I’ve got more t-shirt ideas. Some are crochet, but not all. Can’t wait to share them.