Junk Finds for the Patio

4-DSCF0804Baker’s rack turned into a potting bench.

4-DSCF0886Facelift on an old outdated coffee table.

1-DSCF0792A few weeks ago I picked up this old baker’s rack at a yard sale for $4. It was greasy and dirty, but those were minor problems. For the price, I just couldn’t pass it up. I decided to use it as a potting bench/storage rack for my patio.

2-DSCF0794It also had a few bent rails. I removed the rails and was pleased to see they caused no stability issues.

3-DSCF0801The green and gold finish wasn’t what I wanted at all, so I got out the paint and dry brushed white over the entire rack. I hated it. You could still see the green and the horrible gold shadowing threw. Yuck! I got a tad bit more aggressive. I continued to dry brush and pounce the paint until I was happy with the coverage. I think it was a total of about four coats. I could have painted with strokes of the brush, but I kinda liked the texture of the dry brushing and pouncing.

4-DSCF0804Since I plan on using it to store pots and such on the patio, I decided it needed shelves that were a bit more solid. I cut wood from the scrap pile and simply placed them on the shelf.

1-DSCF0806This old coffee table was in the storage unit. I thought it would also be perfect for my patio.

fb scrap wood tableI wanted to cover it like this scrap wood table.

2-DSCF0808The lip on the top of the table had me stumped. The wood would sit on top of the lip, leaving too big of a gap between the surface and the boards. There wasn’t anything to connect the boards to.

Light bulb moment! I cut and attached braces (similar to studs in a wall).

3-DSCF0811With something to now connect to, the scrap boards were easily attached to the top. That was it for the construction.

4-DSCF0886I dry brushed the entire table and I was done.

I have a few more things to complete on my new outdoor space, but I will be sharing the results soon.



End Table/Coffee Table Shabby Chic Transformations

5-DSCN6964Shabby Chic End Table

1-DSCN6935This end table is similar to one I did a few months ago. Made from a portion of an old vanity, this one had only one drawer.

2-DSCN6940Unlike the other one, I didn’t need to add a backing to the top edge. I did, however, need to replace the side panels. They were just too warped to save. I used the drawer bottoms from a couple of drawers I didn’t need for my dresser/bench project.

3-DSCN6957The paint used was the same as the headboard peg rack.

5-DSCN6964It also got the same shabby chic sanding technique.

4-DSCN6960There wasn’t a handle, and finding one with matching screw holes proved fruitless. I went with a larger handle that had a back plate that would cover the old screw holes.

9-DSCN7001Shabby Chic Coffee Table

DeskThe coffee table was crafted from what I believe to be an old desk. It was rather tall, so I’m not a hundred percent sure of that.

6-DSCN6989The legs were shortened and everything was tightened up.

The only thing good about the drawers was their fronts, so I removed the box part of the drawers.

7-DSCN6994The paint treatment was the same as the end table and the peg rack…

8-DSCN6997…as well as the shabby chic sanding technique.

I then permanently attached the drawers to the drawer slots.

I had each piece priced separately at last weekend’s craft show, but a customer bought all three as a set. Score!

The entire show was a complete success.


New Projects for Fall Craft Shows

03-DSCN6820I’ve been painting and restyling gazillions of things for a craft show this weekend.

17-DSCN6676Restyled Junk (Kro Crafts) will be at “Fall Into The Holidaze” at the fairgrounds in Winfield, Kansas this weekend. Admission is free and there is lots of convenient parking.

Lots of stuff came out of the barn for transformation.

08-DSCN6964This vanity/end table is similar to one I did a few months ago.

12-DSCN7000This desk was turned into a coffee table by shortening the legs.

06-DSCN6918The end table and the coffee table were both given the same paint treatment as the headboard peg rack.

16-DSCN5784I finished up a couple more wood scrap tables…

11-DSCN6985…and made several more scrap wood pumpkins.

13-DSCN7006After all the scrap wood projects, I had a lot more scraps of wood that I turned into stenciled signs for fall.

09-DSCN6973A little witchy wisdom 😉 on old chair seats.

15-DSCN7013Bunches of book pumpkins.

10-DSCN6984Jean pumpkins


04-DSCN6830My dresser bench is headed to the show…

05-DSCN6859…as well as my porch sitters…

07-DSCN6954…and a cute little desk.

14-DSCN7009This wheelbarrel (barrow?) needed a makeover and it got one. Wouldn’t it look cute filled with pumpkins or pots of mums?

I’ll have more on each of these projects in the coming weeks.

If you are in the Winfield, Kansas area Saturday, October 5, come by and say hello. I will be there off and on, but hubby has promised to man the booth while I clean house. Yes, when you are selling your home, cleaning is never ending…AND…as if a craft show isn’t enough, Sunday we will be having an open house.


Restyled Patio Coffee Table

6-DSCN6387Restyled Patio Coffee Table

A friend asked me to give her patio coffee table a new look. She was nice enough to wait until after my son’s graduation, but since she has an event coming up this week I needed to finally get it done for her.

1-DSCN6374The coffee table I started with was actually just the base. I think originally it had a glass top.

She liked the scrap wood tables I did a while back, so I used that idea as my inspiration. Since I knew I would be dry brushing the top white, I spray painted the base white before I started.

2-DSCN6377I started with braces across the table width. They were attached with screws through the edge of the table and into the ends of the braces.

Then I went hunting for more wood. The wood I found is wood from the house built in the 1800s a stranger gave me. I’m usually not a big fan of pulling out nails, but these nails were so cool. They were the square peg kind. They’re all rusty, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I’ve got to find a project for them. Anybody have any ideas?

3-DSCN6380After sanding off the century old dirt and smoothing the surface, I positioned them on the table. I decided a lip of about 1 1/2 inches all the way around the table base would be perfect.

The top pieces were attached to the braces with wood screws.

4-DSCN6382The top was dry brushed…

5-DSCN6384…And the metal base was sanded to complete the shabby chic, rustic appearance.

I hope you enjoy it, Teresa!

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