Wanda Witch

07-DSCF1944Another gem I found during our recent move.

Years ago I made these witches with my neighbor when I lived in Denver. After I moved to Kansas I misplaced the pattern. My Denver neighbor sent me a copy of her pattern and I started to make them again. Before I could finish them, life happened and they were put away again. I had completely forgotten about them until I made this move and found the parts again.

10-DSCF1957The pattern I used was from the October 1993 Crafts N’ Things magazine.

The bodies, legs and arms were all stitched and stuffed, but they were still just parts. I finished attaching everything and added the faces. The pattern used appliques for the eyes and mouth. I painted mine instead. Probably a good thing as I don’t think they can be purchased anymore.

01-DSCF1914They look a bit like aliens in this photo. :)

02-DSCF1919The clothes pieces were also cut and ready to go. Woo Hoo! That’s half the battle with sewing projects. All I had to do was stitch them together.

03-DSCF1924I made primitive buttons using Sculpey clay.

09-DSCF1952They were nice finishing touches for the dress…

08-DSCF1949…and the shoes.

06-DSCF1942The pattern called for excelsior hair, which I had used with the witches I made previously, but I just wasn’t feeling it this time. I used a mixture of gray, black and white curly doll hair. I also added a roll of black tulle to the brim of the hat.


Make Your Own Craft Paint and Glue Mediums

y702As a crafter there are many supplies and products I need to achieve the desired results. Manufacturers are only too happy sell me the products I need…, but wait! These things can get quite expensive. The following recipes and/or techniques are what I have come up with for making artificial snow paint, crackle paint and decoupage glue mediums. The retail price of anyone of these products is very expensive for a very small bottle or jar. My recipes cost pennies and provide enormous savings at the cash register.

y692I used the snow paint medium for the beard and hair on my Santa Measuring Spoons.

Artificial Snow Paint Medium

Things You Will Need:

Foam ball
Serrated knife
Paper plate
White acrylic paint
Craft glue
Measuring cup
Measuring spoons
Small mixing bowl

Step 1
Cut a foam ball in half using a serrated knife. Hold the two halves over a paper plate and rub them against each other to cause the foam to flake off. Keep rubbing until you have at least a 1/2 cup of foam flakes.

Step 2
In a small mixing bowl, measure and pour in 1/2 cup of foam flakes, 2 tablespoons white acrylic paint and 1/4 cup craft glue. With a spoon, combine the ingredients thoroughly.

That’s it! Really! Apply the snow paint in the same way as the store bought version.

Add water to thin, and more foam flakes if your want to thicken.

y705I used my crackle paint medium on a gourd to transform it into a fall pumpkin. While a round surface has its challenges, it can still be done.

Crackle Paint Medium

Things You Will Need:

Paint, two colors
White school glue

Step 1
Paint your project using your chosen base coat color. Allow the paint to dry. The base coat will show through the cracks of the topcoat color.

Step 2
Work on one side of your project at a time. Position this side flat and facing up. This will prevent the glue from running during application. Apply a thick layer of white school glue to this surface.

Step 3
Apply the topcoat color to the wet glue. Using a hairdryer, dry the paint and the glue. The topcoat and glue will crackle as it dries.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all sides of the project have been crackled.

y524I use my decoupage glue medium on a lot of projects. This is one where I decoupaged sheet music inside of an old suitcase.

Decoupage Glue Medium

Things You Will Need:

White glue

This recipe is so simple, I feel guilty calling it a recipe. There isn’t even enough information to warrant actual steps. Simply mix equal amounts of white glue and water in a jar, shake to mix and start decoupaging.

Depending on the use of your finished product, it may need to be sealed. That’s okay, you had to do that with the name brand mediums too.

Tip: Stock up on white school glue during the back-to-school sales.


Chenille Bedspread Candy Cane Bowl Filler-Tutorial

y871I have posted about this project before, but I have never posted the entire tutorial on my blog. Since this is such a good seller at my craft shows, I thought it was time to share the specifics. :)

Vintage linens offer an unexpected fabric for new sewing projects. I especially love chenille bedspreads. I use them quite a bit in my craft designs, but I am often left with small scraps that I just can’t bring myself to toss. This primitive candy cane bowl filler is the perfect solution for putting those scraps to good use. Made with primitively appliqued stripes and exposed seams, this bowl filler works up very quickly.

Things You Will Need:

Card stock
Marking pen
White chenille bedspread
Red fabric
Straight pins
Sewing machine

y872Trace a candy cane shape on card stock that is approximately 1 1/2 inches wide by 7 inches tall. This measurement does not need to be exact. You can draw your shape free hand or enlarge a “J” from a favorite font on your computer and print it out. Cut out the shape. This is your pattern.

Lay a white chenille bedspread on your work surface with the wrong side facing up. Place the candy cane pattern on the chenille and lightly trace around it with a marking pen. This is the the back of the fabric, but the cane is sewn with edges exposed, so you will want to cut away the pen marks. Cut out the shape just inside the marked lines.

Cut six 1-inch-wide by 2 1/2-inch-long strips of red fabric.

y873Place the chenille candy cane on your work surface with the right side facing up. Place the red fabric strips across the width of the cane and spaced evenly from one end of the cane to the other. Pin the strips in place.

1-DSCF1869Top stitch the edges of the red strips across the width of the cane, as close to the edges as possible. Trim the ends of the strips even with the cane. This is the front of your candy cane bowl filler.

2-DSCF1875Lay your white chenille bedspread on your work surface with the wrong side up. Place the candy cane front on the chenille with the red stripes facing up. Pin the candy cane to the chenille.

3-DSCF1882Sew around the edges of the cane using a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Do not sew the bottom end of the cane.

Cut out the shape using the front candy cane as your guide. Do not turn the cane. The side on the outside is the right side. Stuff the candy cane. Sew the end closed in the same way as the other edges of the candy cane.

y871Rip a 1-inch wide by 20-inch long strip of red fabric. Wrap the strip around the candy cane and tie into a bow. Trim the ends.

For a variety of candy cane flavors, choose other colors to create the stripes.



Primitive Halloween Witch Wands

Primitive Halloween Witch WandsPrimitive Halloween Witch Wands

10-DSCF1864I collect a lot of junk that I think I will eventually use for new projects, but until I sorted, organized and packed for our move I never really realized how much of any one thing I had hoarded collected. Spindles and dowels are just one of the collections I am referring to.

08-DSCF1858Even though I have made things with them before, I have never gathered enough of them together to make several of anything. Well, knowing just how many of them I have has changed that. Since I don’t want to purge them, creating with them is the next best option. My prim witch wands were born.

04-DSCF1794I used chair spindles of similar size and shape for the wands. I didn’t get a before pic, but they were all gray and weathered. I cleaned them up and gave them a coat of white paint. I was leaning toward a primitive design from the start so dry brushing the white paint was quick and made me happy.

06-DSCF1811Continuing along the same quick and dirty path, I free-handed black and orange stripes around the spindles.

05-DSCF1800A simple cat head topped the wands. I love the way they turned out. I hope you do too.


Apples and Pears in the Etsy Shop

DSCF1686Back-to-School Apples

DSCF1691Plushy Golden Pears

As usual the summer heat forces me indoors. I don’t care for extreme heat or extreme cold, but with the cold you can layer on more clothes…in the heat you can only take off so many clothes before you’re naked. ;)

DSCF1680Thankfully the cool air conditioning allows me to continue to craft, but in a different way. I do more sewing and small paint projects that can be done inside. Larger outside projects are worked on in small bites, usually in the early morning or late evening.

DSCF1688These fall fruits are a small sneak peak of projects I have been working on for fall craft shows and Etsy. There will be more photos coming soon.