Painted Fabric Prim Pumpkins

Fabric Painted Pumpkin 6Painted Fabric Prim Pumpkins

These frugal pumpkins showed up in my projects for fall craft shows so I thought I would post about how frugal they really were to make.

Fabric Painted Pumpkin 1I was looking for “fall-ish” type fabric to create some new pumpkins designs. Fall color or especially fabric with orange in it was my wish. Unfortunately I had nothing. I did, however, have an old fabric that had been on the shelf for quite some time. It just sat there. I was not a fan.

Light bulb moment! I decided to paint it. You will never look at ugly fabric the same way.

Fabric Painted Pumpkin 7A few years ago I bought a gallon of flat orange paint. I use it for everything…fall-ish. It is now within an inch of the bottom, so a new can will probably need to be purchased by next year.

I placed an old recycled vinyl tablecloth (the cheap ones for holidays) on the floor for my drop cloth.

The fabric went on top of the tablecloth and I painted two coats over the surface.

Tip: If you do this, allow the paint to dry well between coats.

Fabric Painted Pumpkin 3Once the paint was dry I was able to use the painted fabric just like regular fabric.

Check out my full tutorial on FaveCrafts.

Organizing Your Fabric Stash

I’ve been doing a lot of organizing in the craft room lately. Like most DIYers, I get a little carried away with my fabric purchases. Lots of cutting, folding and purging later, I had my fabric closet organized better than my clothes closet. I even found pieces I had forgotten I had.

This is the way it turned out. I love it.

This is what I started with. Don’t judge me. I’m willing to bet many of my crafty friends can relate to this picture.

I used a cardboard form to fold my fabric for a custom fit in my closet. If you are interested in my technique, you can find the tutorial here.