Photo Display Frames

5-DSCF0879More projects from the storage unit.

1-DSCF0752The large frame needed a little bit of cleaning to remove the remnants of a fake wood grain paper. Other than that, it was good to go.

2-DSCF0754The two smaller frames were actually small cupboard doors. I removed the hinges and handles.

Both seemed a bit plain, so I attached some brass appliques using E6000.

Each frame was dry brushed with white paint.

4-DSCF0771I cut some rusty chicken wire slightly larger than the opening and stapled it to the back of the smaller frames.

On the larger frame I turned the frame sideways and cut two lengths of baling wire a bit longer than the width of the opening. I equally spaced the wire in the opening and stapled the ends to the back of the frame. Hmm…I guess I didn’t grab a photo of attaching the baling wire to the back, but I bet you can use your imagination.

5-DSCF0879I used weathered clothespins to attach photos to the wire.


Shabby Chairs and Chair Rugs

13-DSCF0435I guess you could call this shopping in the barn, but I no longer have my barns. :( Somehow “shopping in the storage unit” just doesn’t have the right ring to it. :)

04-DSCF0337Yep, these three chairs were stored in the barn before we moved. The only place to move them was to a storage unit. As the weather warms up I will be going through the units (we have two) to decide what will be sold at a yard sale and what I can use (and still store) for projects. These chairs were a no-brainer. I knew exactly what I was going to do with them.

09-DSCF0430I went shabby chic. Each chair was painted white before receiving a worn and distressed sanding.

08-DSCF0428I loved them…,

07-DSCF0425…but they looked kinda…


12-DSCF0433I decided to add…

11-DSCF0432…chair rugs.

10-DSCF0431I crocheted them with fabric strips.

13-DSCF0435Now, don’t they look cozy?


Shabby Chic Drawer Boxes

16-DSCF0103Shabby Chic Drawer Boxes

I don’t know how it worked out this way, but I accomplished so much more today than I thought I would. Do you write daily lists? I am the list queen. Everything gets listed, but that doesn’t mean it gets done. Actually, half of my daily list rarely gets done. Well, today it happened! Woo Hoo! I crossed everything off my list.

To reward myself, and because I had time left at the end of the day, I finished a project that I had to put away when Christmas got too crazy.

06-DSCN7450Now most normal people would have thrown these little dresser drawers away, but I have never been accused of being normal. Look at them! They were a mess.

I removed the peeling layers and the drawer pulls.

07-DSCN7454Check these out! I had the bright idea of adding these old cupboard drawer handles as feet on the drawers. They were pretty gunky. Yep, another item most normal people probably would tossed.

09-DSCN7458They didn’t look too bad after a long soak and hard scrub.

11-DSCN7469Wow! Paint instantly makes things look better.

13-DSCF0095I went a bit further with the sandpaper. You know me, I just love me some shabby chic.

14-DSCF0101I think they turned out pretty good.

15-DSCF0102The smaller ones are my favorite…,

12-DSCF0092…but I’m most proud of the larger one. Once I started cleaning, scraping and sanding the drawers, this one fell apart. Yep, it wasn’t pretty. I had to completely rebuild it. I hate to admit it, but I actually considered throwing it away. Gasp!


Stoop Chair Story

7-DSCN6770Stoop Chair

1-DSCN6688While cleaning the barn I found a project that I never finished. That never happens (cough). ;) This scary chair was actually one of a pair. Years ago I found them in a ditch on a country road. By themselves, neither one was any good, but I loaded them up and took them home because I figured what was good on one could repair what was bad on the other.

I never had intentions of reupholstering (shudder), who knew what they would smell like inside a house…and let’s be honest, the padding looked like a critter house.

3-DSCN6750Where was I when I gave up working on them years ago? I had completely stripped one chair. Goodness! Staples and nails were everywhere. That’s probaby why I gave up. I can vaguely remember numerous cuts and scratched knuckles.

Once I unearthed them again, I had to make a decision. Toss them or figure out what their purpose was to be.

The stripped chair had cracked and split back legs. That seemed to be its worst structural issue.

2-DSCN6690The other chair had good back legs.

No problem. I would remove the good back legs on one chair and reattach them to the other chair. Yep, I knew that sounded way too simple…I could not find a joint/seam at the top of the legs. Looking closer at the chair that had already been stripped, I realized each leg was actually one piece that extended upward and framed the chair back.

4-DSCN6751I got out the saws and cut them off. Even that simple step had numerous issues, but I won’t bore you with all of them. Regardless, I was determined to make my idea work.

6-DSCN6758On with the show! The easiest and most instantly gratifying step. I cut pallet boards to fit across the back and seat frame. They were each attached with a nail gun. This took less than half an hour. Whew! After the previous ordeals I was psyched.

7-DSCN6770Dry brushing the entire thing completed my rustic stoop chair.


Finished the Barn

09-DSCN6729Finished The Barn

01-DSCN6721Oh, yes I did!

23-DSCN6657Let me refresh your memory to where I began.

21-DSCN6655It was a bit overwhelming, but since I posted the pics here, it served as a personal accountability to gitter done.

07-DSCN6727I worked days and days that were hot and humid, plus days and days that were rainy, hot and just plain yucky. Every night when I took my shower the mud just rolled off of me. Ugh!

05-DSCN6725I lucked out and saw no actual critters except a small lizard. Neither one of us was too thrilled to see the other, but we made a promise to leave each other alone. Worked for me.

02-DSCN6722Check out that door. So cool! It leads into the enclosed part of the barn where I keep smaller craft supplies and some furniture. That door hasn’t been open for several years. I’ve had to use the roll up door to access that part of the barn.

06-DSCN6726We made decks on pallets along one side and the back wall. Perfect for organizing the things I wanted to keep.

08-DSCN6728The doors, screens, headboards and lumber all have their designated spots. I can’t believe how many headboards I have. Sheesh! Can you say “hoarder”?

I had to toss a bunch of stuff that wasn’t any good. Since we live in the country we were able to burn in between downpours.

10-DSCN6730Lots of nails, screws and wire are all over the “floor”. I’m still working on getting those all picked up. We borrowed a cool magnet on wheels that works like a charm.

When I’m sure I won’t get a flat, my craft trailer I use for craft shows will be pulled inside.