Ornaments for the Craft Show

I always have some ornaments left from the previous year, but I also like to add something new and to replenish things that sold well in the past.

5-DSCN7317Barbed Wire Star Ornament

I found a bundle of barbed wire during my cleaning spree this summer. Actually, I found more hanging on the pasture fence next to the barn, and more inside the barn. I only used one bundle, but they sold so well, I will definitely be saving the rest of the wire for more ornaments in the future.

Barbed wire isn’t the easiest stuff to work with, but once I found the right tool…a bolt cutter…it was a piece of cake.

1-DSCN7312Necktie Angels

I made one of these last year for a tutorial.

2-DSCN7313I didn’t have all the supplies I needed to make a lot for craft shows last year, so this year while junking I collected more ties and doilies to make a whole choir.

7-DSCN7321Salt Shaker Angels

I also made these salt shaker angels last year. They sold out. I didn’t think I had anymore shakers, but during my wonderful cleaning spree I found a box that I had stashed and forgot about. It was like opening a Christmas present in July. :)

8-DSCN7323Santa Belly Rings

This idea wasn’t mine. I found it while blog surfing one day, but I can’t remember where. My apologies to the original designer.

The idea stuck in my head when I saw it, but I’m sure my technique would make the designer cringe. I used what I had, which I am sure didn’t resemble much of the original “supplies needed” list. I had a bag with an assortment of rings. There were brass rings, shower rings, plastic rings and round frames. They were all different sizes and different thicknesses. I used a pipe cleaner for the belt and made buckles from clay.

9-DSCN7327Santa’s Union Suit

Also a hit last year. The flap on the back opens so that candy or a small gift can be tucked away inside. You can find my pattern and tutorial here.


By the way, the craft show this past weekend was a success. I don’t have anymore shows planned before Christmas because of family things that may happen. They might not happen either, but because of the unknown I can’t commit to more shows this year. I am continuing to sell things locally so that I can still make what I normally do each year and to bring my inventory back down to a manageable size for storage. I guess if there’s a will there’s a way.

Blast from the Past: Fall Projects

1-Blast from the PastBlast from the Past: Fall Projects

Wow! Halloween totally flew by!

I’ve had unexpected family emergencies and family obligations the last few weeks that have kept me away from the blog. My efforts have all been put into keeping up with my paying gigs so blogging had to go to the bottom of the list.

Things aren’t completely back to normal yet, but all work and no play makes me cranky.

I’ve been working on new projects for Christmas tutorials and Christmas craft shows. Those things will be popping in here soon, but until they do, I thought I would post a little blast from the past.

These fall project tutorials are some of my favorites from the past.

2-Fabric Tube PumpkinsFabric Tube Pumpkins

1-Chenille Fabric Tube PumpkinsI also used the Fabric Tube Pumpkin Tutorial to make the chenille pumpkins.

3-Pumpkin GourdCrackle Painted Gourd

4-Fall LadderFall Ladder

5-Wool jar ornieCanning Jar Gift Container Decorated with Wool Ornies

6-new-crochet-pumpkin-appliqueCrochet a Pumpkin Applique

7-Fall Table RunnerFall Table Runner

Click on the highlighted titles to take you to the posts.


Rats!!! New Bowl Fillers


Wow! Where has the summer gone? When the summer comes to an end I am usually knee deep in fall projects. While I am working on new projects, there doesn’t seem to be as many things finished as I like for this time of year. Since I just finished cleaning out the barn and got my youngest moved to college, I’ve decided to be happy with the things I have accomplished.

Inspiration for my rats came from a little adventure in the garage. While cleaning the barn I didn’t see one actual rat. I became rather adjusted to that fact. Then one of my sons saw a rat in the garage. Hmm…well, I do live in the country…Regardless, it is no longer there. Whew!!!

The rat was still on my mind when I grabbed my design book and started doodling. I haven’t worked up a tutorial yet, but I couldn’t wait to show off these creepy little critters. The tutorial will be coming soon.

3-DSCN6740The body is really just a cone I made with black fabric.

2-DSCN6736I stuffed the body and added a long tail. Check out that tail.

5-DSCN6745It came from this spool! I placed a ruler next to the spool so you could appreciate its size. I picked up this gargantuan spool of cording at a yard sale for less than a dollar. It looks like it will never run out!

4-DSCN6743The ears were a couple of ovals I cut from the same fabric as the body. I stitched around the edges to prevent too much fraying, but to still look primitive.

1-DSCN6733French knot eyes and whiskers finished it off.


New Hearts In My Etsy Shop

Added a few new hearts to my Restyled Junk Etsy Shop.


Chenille Hearts

Quilt Hearts

Ticking Hearts

Painted Jean Hearts

Check out my Etsy Shop for the particulars.


Bead Garland Hearts

I was putting away my Christmas decorations the other day…

Okay, that’s a lie…Let me rephrase that.


I was thinking about putting away my Christmas decorations the other day…(Better?)…when the wood bead garland distracted me.

The red beads kick-started my imagination since I have been brainstorming Valentine’s Day ideas for quite a while.

The red beads looked so enticing. I decided to transform them into little country valentine hearts.


No, I didn’t use the ones that were on display. They are still up. ;) No, I used a stash of bead garland I already had in my craft supplies. They seem to be available at every auction and yard sale I visit, and I can’t pass up a bargain.

I cut the garland apart and had a pile of pretty red beads.

After a bit of experimenting, I figured out how much wire and how many beads I would need for each heart. Here’s my little tip: I used 18-inch wire floral stems when figuring out how much wire was needed. After stringing the beads and forming the heart shape, I cut off the excess wire. I then subtracted the leftover inches from the beginning length to determine how much wire was needed for each heart. After that I was able to craft several hearts in an assembly line.2-DSCN4414

Those little loops on the ends are the “knots“.


I started with the valley at the top of the heart.


The little twist doesn’t look very attractive, but it isn’t noticeable when the heart is finished.


The bottom point was made with one bead. I finished off the heart with a raffia bow over the twist.


I had two different size beads from two different red garlands.


The smaller hearts were done the same way, I just adjusted the wire and bead amounts.

I think these are decorations that may remain on display long after the Valentine’s Day holiday. Uh hum…that is if I get Christmas put away by then. ;)


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