Zippered Pouch Tutorial

I needed a couple of pouches. Okay, “need” may be kind of a strong word, but I love to store projects in progress so that they are ready in an instant. Pouches make it possible to stash projects in a tote or purse when I’m going out the door. When I am done with “work” for the day, I can grab a pouch and curl up on the couch for the evening. No need to hunt for all the particulars, cause they are already contained in a pouch. So, yes, I “needed” a few more pouches. Doesn’t everyone?

I like my pouches lined. They just look more professional, and you don’t need to worry about frayed threads getting caught in the zipper.

I chose a couple of zippers from my stash and measured from one end to the other. Note: The zipper shown in the following tute was packaged as 7 inches. From end to end it measured about 8 1/2 inches.

For this basic pouch I cut two 8 1/2-inch squares of fabric for the shell and two 8 1/2-inch squares for the lining.

Place one lining square on your work surface with the right side facing up. Align the zipper along one edge with the top of the zipper facing up.

Place one shell square on top. Sew through all layers on the edge with the zipper.

Flip the stitched squares right side out and iron along the zipper edge. Ironing will prevent the zipper from getting caught in the lining. You could top stitch along the zipper if you like. I didn’t.

Attach the remaining lining and shell squares to the other edge of the zipper in the same way.

Flip and iron.

Important: For the next steps to work, you MUST unzip the zipper. If you don’t, you will become very, very frustrated…very, very fast.

Match the two shell squares together with the right sides facing, and match the two lining squares together with the right sides facing. Pin around the outer edges.

Sew the pinned edges, leaving a small opening in the bottom seam of the lining squares.

Turn the pouch right side out through the opening.  Sew the opening in the bottom seam closed. Tuck the lining inside the pouch. Press the whole thing and you are done.

I made a boxed bottom in my other pouch so that it could stand up. The pouch was stitched in the same way as the flat pouch, except I stitched the boxed corners just before turning the pouch right side out.