The Rustic Patio Makeover

22-DSCF0892-001When we moved into this rental the snow was flying. Our biggest goal was to just get everything moved. Things got put wherever they would fit. The small patio had a covered roof, so it made sense to pile stuff we didn’t know what to do with there.

I have been working on one house project at a time, and with the weather getting warmer, it was time to take on the patio. It may be a rental, but for now it is home and I want it to feel that way.

14-DSCF0797-001I can’t believe I’m am showing you this, but this is a before shot. Aside from the obvious junk piled on it, there were also a few other issues to overcome.

16-DSCF0797-002There is no light fixture. This is the lighting the previous occupants left us. Uhm. No.

17-DSCF0898-001We took down the dirty, multicolored Christmas lights (half of which were not working) and hung a hanging flower basket with clear twinkle lights in it. I only had a 50-count string, but it was a definite improvement. Even with 50 lights, they look awesome at night.

20-DSCF0890-001To spruce up the back wall and to blend it with our style, I shopped the storage unit for a couple of barn doors. The barn star above the doors is camouflaging the excess cord from the lights.

21-DSCF0891-001The couch is one we had on our old patio, but I added seat cushions and covered pillows for the back.

18-DSCF0895-001The potting bench and coffee table are from yesterday’s post. I also added extra lighting on the coffee table with solar lights in a flower pot and a oil-filled jar lamp placed in a feed pan.

The table and chairs were set just off the patio.

Bring on the summer heat!


Photo Display Frames

5-DSCF0879More projects from the storage unit.

1-DSCF0752The large frame needed a little bit of cleaning to remove the remnants of a fake wood grain paper. Other than that, it was good to go.

2-DSCF0754The two smaller frames were actually small cupboard doors. I removed the hinges and handles.

Both seemed a bit plain, so I attached some brass appliques using E6000.

Each frame was dry brushed with white paint.

4-DSCF0771I cut some rusty chicken wire slightly larger than the opening and stapled it to the back of the smaller frames.

On the larger frame I turned the frame sideways and cut two lengths of baling wire a bit longer than the width of the opening. I equally spaced the wire in the opening and stapled the ends to the back of the frame. Hmm…I guess I didn’t grab a photo of attaching the baling wire to the back, but I bet you can use your imagination.

5-DSCF0879I used weathered clothespins to attach photos to the wire.


Chenille Scottie Dog Stuffies

2-DSCF0492More sewing with scraps.

1-DSCF0490These cute little Scotties were made using my abundant stash of chenille bedspread scraps. They were the perfect project for those chenille scraps I just couldn’t throw away after finishing something else.

3-DSCF0494Why Scotties? Well, I love anything vintage and I’ve been seeing a resurgence of them a lot lately. So much so that I had to do a little research on when they were previously popular. You know how things seem to come back in style…look at owls. Anyway, I discovered that the 1930s, 40s and 50s were these little pups decades to shine. Wow! It’s been quite a while for their rebirth.

1-DSCF0496Just like my woolie birds, I used an applique for my pattern.

4-DSCF0495The bows are black grosgrain ribbon I had on  hand.


Shabby Chairs and Chair Rugs

13-DSCF0435I guess you could call this shopping in the barn, but I no longer have my barns. :( Somehow “shopping in the storage unit” just doesn’t have the right ring to it. :)

04-DSCF0337Yep, these three chairs were stored in the barn before we moved. The only place to move them was to a storage unit. As the weather warms up I will be going through the units (we have two) to decide what will be sold at a yard sale and what I can use (and still store) for projects. These chairs were a no-brainer. I knew exactly what I was going to do with them.

09-DSCF0430I went shabby chic. Each chair was painted white before receiving a worn and distressed sanding.

08-DSCF0428I loved them…,

07-DSCF0425…but they looked kinda…


12-DSCF0433I decided to add…

11-DSCF0432…chair rugs.

10-DSCF0431I crocheted them with fabric strips.

13-DSCF0435Now, don’t they look cozy?


Record Album Coasters

8-DSCF0129Record Album Coasters

I was out in the craft barn doing a little (a lot) of sorting when I came across my parents old stereo cabinet. I had toted it from their old house before my mom moved. It looked pretty rough at that time since it had been stored in an area where critters could get to it. The legs were a little chewed, and I swear we moved a pack rat with it. My plans were/are to give it some sort of facelift in the future, but for now, I was most interested in the blast-from-the-past records I found inside.

I hadn’t opened the doors on the stereo since I brought it home. That was several years ago. I think I was mostly worried about the critter that was sure to greet me at the door. Well, today I was ready for a simple project and I was going to get those records!

I actually reasoned with myself that I had work gloves, heavy coat, jeans and boots on. Nothing was gonna get me. LOL! Yep, there was evidence of occupants, but thankfully they decided to split while I was there.

1-DSCF0111This is part of my find. Since my project uses albums, I left the 45s in barn. It was so fun looking through this time capsule. My sons had never heard of 78s.

3-DSCF0115This is Shaun. (swoon) I was going to marry him. When I told my husband he said “Instead you got me.” Hmm, how to respond? I am quite sure Shaun would have happily helped me work in the barn…He might have even stuck his hands into the scary stereo cabinet. (sigh)

5-DSCF0118I have no idea who some of the singers are on quite a few of the albums. Those have to be from my mom and dad’s “collection”.

These I knew.

2-DSCF0112The Archies

4-DSCF0117Flip Wilson

On to the coasters. I randomly chose them, but I tried to have a mix of colors.

6-DSCF0121Basically I heated an album in the oven until flimsy…

7-DSCF0124…then I quickly cut out the center with scissors.

The coaster was heated in the oven again, then pressed between books to press flat.

8-DSCF0129Once the edges were sanded, the coasters were basically done.

They still need to be sealed. I tried brushing varnish on, but I am not happy with the visible stroke marks and the dyes seem a bit unstable. I think I will wait for a warmer day to spray seal them in the garage. Enjoy!