Hanging Shutter Birdhouses

6-DSCF1238More trashformations from the storage unit.

1-DSCF1182As most of you know by now, I have a weakness for things that have enjoyed a previous life. I had thought that my shutter stash was pretty much depleted, but when moving, I found a bunch that were hiding in a corner. The picture frames were setting right next to them in the storage unit, so I decided to bring some of both home. I was sure I could figure out something that would use both elements. Hanging shutter birdhouses are what materialized.

2-DSCF1193I chopped the frames into eaves. Each frame was enough to make two birdhouse eaves. The spines were not going to work for this project so I took them off and replaced them with a flat piece of lath. Actually, the lath went on the back and it kept the slats of the shutters from opening while allowing the shutter to lay flat.

3-DSCF1195A little paint spruced up the shutters and the eaves, making the idea of a house much more easy to visualize.

4-DSCF1200Attaching the eaves to the shutters cinched it. These were definitely houses.

I dug through my metal hardware stash and found knobs for perches along with doorknob and cupboard door plates. I also found some awesome rusty fencing.

5-DSCF1237I drilled through the shutter slats to attach the cupboard door knob perches, but the rest of the pieces were attached with E6000. I also drilled holes for the baling wire hanger.


8-DSCF1231Now, about that E6000 stuff. Normally I would have said household cement and let it go at that, but since E6000 is what I use and have been using for a gazillion years for most projects that need a firm hold, I thought I would share my pissy moment.

For those of you that do not use E6000, this little rant may not mean much to you, but for those of you like me, check the packaging very carefully to ensure you are indeed getting what you want.

You see, E6000 has always been clear. It goes on clear and stays clear. It isn’t noticeable on any project because IT IS CLEAR.

8-DSCF1231See that tube in the picture? At first glance the entire package looks the same as the trusted (clear) adhesive you have come to rely on. But, but WAIT! See that itty bitty black oval above the E6000 name? Nope, I didn’t at first glance since the color matches that of the normal packaging. First, second, or third glance. Whatever. I did not notice it until I applied this black mess to my white shutters. By then it was too late and I had to make the best of it. I can’t say I will be using it again.

So, powers-that-be at E6000, please tell me why you thought adding a color to your tried and true adhesive was a good idea? Seriously, the idea is to adhere things together in an inconspicuous way. This black adhesive is a giant fail. I have now wasted money on a product that can only be used on a few projects, while the clear can be used on all intended projects. For crying out loud, why mess with success?

Pissy rant over. 😉


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Hanging Shutter Display

07-DSCN5615Hanging Shutter Display

I’ve noticed several variations of this display in the last few weeks and it sparked my imagination on what to do with a few shutters I have in my junking stash.

The shutters I found online didn’t really give instructions on how they did it, but that has never stopped me before.

01-DSCN5585I dug out two grungy sets of shutter pairs. Honestly, I think the most difficult part of this project was removing all the old rusty hardware. The tools I had on hand didn’t seem to want to cooperate…but I gotter done.

I also removed the spine on three shutters. The protrusion was just getting in the way. Removing the spine allows the blinds to move freely, which can be a giant pain. I folded them all the same way and ran masking tape done the center of one side of the shutters.

03-DSCN5611On the other side of the shutters, I painted them light blue and brown to give them a “new” old weathered look. The paint provided the glue to hold the blinds in place. I removed the tape and painted the other side in the same way.

02-DSCN5606I placed the three shutters side-by-side with the backs facing up, then measured across the width of all three. I cut two pieces of scrap wood a little shorter than the measurement. I gave them a paint job like the shutters.

10-DSCN5624Positioning them like horizontal fence rails on the shutter backs, I attached the boards to the shutters using wood screws.

11-DSCN5625Rusty baling wire was attached to the top edge of the shutters for hanging on the wall.

Lastly, I attached an old coat hook to the center shutter for displaying wreaths, frames, wall pockets…


The Missing Cat: Our cat went missing while I was working on this project. We were devastated. The next day I went out to look for him. As soon as I walked out the door, I saw the salvaged board that had held the coat hook I used in the project. That was my aha moment. I went out to the barn, opened the door, and out popped our cat. He gave me the business all the way back to the house.

I was featured!!!

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